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Warnings- death, angst, Steven and Marc are very upset.
Steven Grant, And Marc Spector X reader

You were his heart, you were his arms, his legs, his face, his motivation, you were his everything and every reason to live.

Notice how I said Were and not Is.

Steven was crying after it all happened, Sometimes accidentally changing to Marc out of his grief.

Marc had also been crying, crying over everything that went wrong in his life, and now he was crying over your body, your body was cold and still, not a single movement.

He missed the sarcastic remarks, he missed your voice, he missed just...you.

"Y/n..." he sobbed

It all happened pretty quickly.


"Love, Toss me the ushabti." You said, you two currently in the tomb as Harrow neared you two.

"What? No. No way. Nope. Hide, y/n. Hide!" He whisper yelled, grabbing your hands but you didn't move and just stayed as Harrow finally came into view of you guys.

His men surrounded you two, he let go of your hands and put his arms in front of you protectively, and making you back up behind him.

"Just you two?"

Layla had gone, well you two thought she had gone.
Turns out she watched the whole thing.

You didn't think, and ran up to Harrow, but you were quickly shot before you could punch him.

You fell back, right at his feet, as she frowned, Marc looked at your body in horror and disbelief.

"I wasn't expecting her to do that." Arthur said, chuckling lightly.

"Her scales were unbalanced, she was bound to die soon by my hands anyways soon enough." Arthur said as blood looked at his feet. Your blood.

His heart hurt, worse than it ever had before.

"Did you just- did you just shoot my wife?" Marc asked, and started tearing up, while his voice broke when he spoke in shock, and denial.

"No. No. No, no, no, no." Marc repeated, putting his hands on his head, stressed clearly as he cried.

"I'm sorry. But, she did run at me threatening me. It was Self defense." He said.

"No. I loved her. I loved her so much."

That was true. He would never be full again, he was without his heart.

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