All day long

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Warnings- tooth rotting fluff, very fluffy
Steven Grant x Gender neutral Reader

It's been sort of a long day. First, Steven wakes up thinking he's insane, second his fish died and he needed to get a new one, and third you both found some weird phone in his flat. And fourth...

There wasnt really a fourth,because right now was perfect.

You two were on the couch, you had been away at work and heard about his horrible day. He had literally cried on your shoulder.

After he cried and you patted his shoulder a bit, and some constant reassurance that you would always be there for him, he fell asleep.

You messed with his hair, tangling your fingers In his dark curls, smiling and whispering soft songs in his ear.

It all made him fall in love with you deeper, he loved it and loved how it helped him fall asleep. You helped him fall asleep by doing nothing.

You smiled softly at the sight and sound of him sleeping softly and safe.

You got up for a moment to grab a blanket. You grabbed the blanket and went back to the couch where you two were.

You sat down next to him, and went underneath his arms like you originally were and draped the blanket over you two.

He stirred up, but didn't open his eyes and just smiled softly at you and readjusting himself so you both were comfortable.

"Your the best.." he muttered softly, him now messing with your hair.

"Your better. I love you, Steven. Get some sleep please." You whispered back, and kissed him on his forehead like a child who was being tucked in.

You both fell into a peaceful sleep, happier than ever.

He didn't wanna wake up, neither did you. He thought that if he could stay here all day, he would stay here in this couch cuddling with you All Day Long.



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