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Warnings: Aftercare, that's it really. Steven Grant x reader

Summary: Steven takes care of reader after (My sweet precious baby 🥰)

You both were sweaty against each other and were tangled together for a moment.

He pulled out quickly and you fell to the bed, eyes begging to Shut. He quickly picked you up bridal style and took you into a bath tub.

He washed you up, muttering sweet praises about how you did so good for him.

"Was it good?" He asked nervously, while cleaning you up at the same time. God this man was going to be the end of you.

"It was amazing, Steven. You did so good." He blushed at your words and smiled sheepishly.

He took you out and helped you get dressed in pajamas. You both laid in bed, he put the ankle restraints on but didn't fall asleep, worried marc would take over if he did.

He wasn't sure how to tell you about his current.. situation. He wouldn't think you would like it if he told you that an Egyptian god and A mercenary could literally see you getting fucked.

Yeah, that's probably not the best way to say it.

But he would eventually, just needed some time. His thoughts were interrupted as you cuddled up against him and you whispered lowly.

"Get some sleep, Love. We both know you need it." You said against his neck and he smiled.

"I'll try." He whispered back, but you were already asleep.

He didn't know what he did to deserve you, but he knew he was lucky enough to have you.

And that was all he needed in the world.

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