Grounded part 3

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Warnings- Smut, Steven is pissed

He held your hips down as you continued to ride his thighs. This felt so.. off..

"Fuck-Steven.." you whined wanting more than this.

"So needy, aren't you?" He teased as he took his hands off you hips and you scrambled off his thigh, waiting for his orders.

"Get on your knees."

Steven was beyond livid. He was so pissed off. Marc was literally fucking his girlfriend. This was supposed to be him, not Marc.

Marc was rough with you, unlike Steven. Steven watched in horror as he continued to degrade you.

"Marc! This is my girlfriend. Don't you hurt her." Steven said as Marc ignored him entirely, and focused on you as you fumbled with his belt buckle.

"Hurry it up, slut."

Steven wanted to punch him.

You hurried up, and once it was finally off pulled down his pants and boxers.

You and Steven had fucked before, but this felt different. When you and steven usually screwed it was slow, sweet and filled with praise. This was the opposite.

"Marc. Give me the body, please. Please let me have this one thing, Marc!" Steven said in the mirror, begging the man at this point.

Marc hadn't listened and instead grabbed your hair and forced you to look at him.

You whimpered in pain at him pulling your hair a little to roughly.

Then he let go of your hair and you quickly sucked on his erection.

You used your hands to grab whatever you couldn't fit in your mouth as s̶t̶e̶v̶e̶n̶ no, Marc grabbed a fistful of your hair.

"Fuck, y/n. I'm close." He warned.

Even if Steven wanted you for himself. Seeing you made it harder and harder to hide his erection from Marc.

Marc threw his head back and groaned.

"Swallow it." He said, not sounding like a question, rather a command.

A command you happily followed as you took him out of your mouth with a "pop"

You sighed tiredly as Marc grabbed you from the ground and put you on the bed.

The thing with Steven is that he always did aftercare, but that wasn't the case this time. But you just fell asleep.

Plus you hadn't even had your own release this time.

"Y/n?" Steven asked, his British voice returning.

"Steven." You said as you sat up in your guys bed. Steven looked at you worried.

"I'm sorry- about yesterday. Something came over me. I went ahead and took you for a bath anyways, you looked like you needed it."

"Steven.. it's fine. I was just....confused." You admitted.

"Come here." He said, sounding more like a plea and question.

And you did, you went over to him as he engulfed you in his arms, protecting you from everything else in the world.

He was mad at Marc of course, but he pushed that aside for something he would talk to him at a later time about, right now you needed him.

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