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Warnings- pregnancy.
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Steven grant x female reader

Steven was scared, oh god he was scared. He had no clue about it until he got off of work and you came to him with the news.


"Yeah, love?"

"I-I'm pregnant." You held up the test for him.

He stood shocked for a moment (literally looking like the 🧍🏻emoji. )

"Oh. That's uh- that's great! Right.. I think so." He said, half excited half worriedly.

"Steven, I'm sorry-"

"There's nothing to apologize for! I promise, I didn't mean it like that. This is- this is great, right? We can have our own family." He quickly cut you off, not wanting to make you upset.

"Steven, I love you." You said, wrapping your arms around his neck and leaning in for a kiss.


Once the bump had started growing, he became more and more panicking and worried. He ran around the house practically.

"Steven, I'm fine." You had told him after he had asked if you were okay multiple times.

"I'm sorry, I don't know what happened. But I was in my bed and BOOM! I'm just not there anymore. I didn't mean to leave."

"It's fine Steven, I'm sure you're fine. Just tired, maybe go take a nap, yeah?"

"Alright. Wake me up if you need anything." He said, and made his way to the bed and put his ankle restraints on.


Once the baby started kicking, Steven was full on protective mode. He was so worried about you and the baby.

He had felt the baby kick a few times, he loved it. It made him finally realize the situation, and how soon enough he was gonna be a dad. And he was gonna be bloody amazing at it as well.

When the baby did come however, he was much more worried about your safety and comfort.
He held your hand through the entire thing.

Once he held the baby, his entire heart melted and he looked at you with love.

This was your guys child, and he would do anything for you both.

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