If you got hurt hcs

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Warnings- Mention of blood, bruises and injuries
•Fighting Jackals when you cant see them is hard.

•After those said random jackals attacked you and Steven, well I guess you did see that one coming
(get it? You can't see them so you didn't... never mind)

•If a jackal  attacks you Steven will get so pissed off.

•Steven would call Marc to help, and then Marc would give him back the body

•Afterwords, if the injury is deathly he'd immediately take you to a hospital no hesitation

•If they weren't, hed rather risk not getting seen or called insane so he treats them himself, with Marc's help

•"Steven. No. No. Ugh." Marc groaned as Steven wasn't listening

"You have to clean the wound first." Marc said then Steven threw his hands up in defeat

•"And how in the world do I do that?"

Marc groaned, this was gonna be a long night.

•He would always apologize, even though it wasn't his fault.

•Would absolutely shower you in kisses, and refuses to let you do anything by yourself

• "Steven. I can take a shower by myself." You said to him, although you really didn't mind

"I know but what if you... pass out or something?"  He said, which sounded unconvincing

"Steven. If your looking for an excuse to shower with me, you could've just asked."

"Oh. Great!" He said as you two hopped in the shower.


•Marc would feel bad, he would automatically apologize

•He wouldn't take you to a hospital Though, he would treat you himself

•Steven would probably pester Marc to take you to a hospital

•He would probably kiss you as well, just not as much because he's worried

•Would tell Khonshu to shut up, and then look at you and tell you he's not talking to you

•Marc would probably leave for a little after, he likes to run away from his problems

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