Pregnancy preference (::

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Steven- Let's be real here, he would be so nervous and confused. He would be happy, just worried. Like what if Marc Or Khonshu did something to the child? He knew they wouldn't but he just worried about every single little thing about your guys child.
When you tell him, he'd be pretty concerned like, hes thinking "How the hell do I take care of a child?" And then once the child actually comes he's a bit more calm about it.

He would give you anything you needed at all. If you wanted anything, he would get it or give it to you in an instant. He made sure to be careful, and not make you stressed.

Overall, stevens nervous but happy about it.

Marc- Marc however, would probably be like "Oh. Ok..." he would be really shocked, but also happy. He would probably be a bit more chill than Steven about it. Basically Steven, but a bit more calm and chill about it.

He also tried his best to not get angry at you. He had his anger issues, which made it hard. But you loved him and he loved you.

Khonshu- Oh Khonshu would be like the grandfather. He'd be obviously chill and happy, he may not say it but he is pretty happy for you and Marc/Steven. Would be very protective over you, and wouldn't let anyone get near you.

When the baby's born he promises to do his best to protect him, he may act angry and like he has no heart. But you to the god were important.

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