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Warnings- Layla is Marc's ex wife, Fluffy.
Layla x female reader

Layla stirred awake next to you and you woke up as well. "Good morning, love." She mumbled while messing with your hair.

You smiled at her "Good morning." And you both got up for breakfast.

You were cooking pancakes and she came up from behind you and hugged you as she smiled against your neck.

"Layla, God I love you so much." You said while laughing.

"I love you too, darling." She said as you two sat down to eat.

"The pancakes are delicious! When did you learn to cook?" She said in a teasing tone while continuing to eat.

You laughed. "I knew how to cook, I just don't like to." You shrugged while eating them.


A few hours later she left to meet Lagaro.

"So how's that girlfriend of yours doing? Well I hope, she is quite nice." Lagaro said while the two of them hung out.

"She's well, thank you. She is really lovely, you know."

Lagaro smiled slightly "I'm happy for you, love. I really am." She said while continuing whatever she was doing originally.

Layla smiled "Thanks, I'm doing well after the divorce with Marc. Glad I did, because I'm much happier with Y/n anyways."

"I'm glad you've found someone better."


"Hey, Layla." You said when she entered the door of your guys apartment. She looked at you and smiled "Y/n, how was work? Well, I hope." She said while looking at you on the couch.

"It was boring, as usual. How about your meet with Lagaro?"  You smiled back.

"Pretty well, thank you." She said while plopping down on the couch next to you. She put her head on your shoulder as you played with your hair.

"I love you, Y/n." She said while you continued to mess with her hair.

"I love you more than anything, Layla." You said smiling at her.

You wouldn't change anything at all, the mornings, the sweet moments, the bad ones. None, if it meant you were with Layla in the end.

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