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Warnings- obsessive behavior, Stalk-ish behavior
Steven Grant x Avatar reader

"Why are we following this person?" Steven had asked Marc and Khosnhu.

"She is very important, she is  an avatar. Like Marc and yourself. " khonshu explained to the confused man following you.

"Oh. What god?" Steven asked him, a good question.

Khonshu sighed in annoyance "Atum."

"You- you mean the sun god? The leader of the Ennead? Holy.."

"Exactly." Marc said in his head.

"She's very important. Without her or Atum, we wouldn't have day or night. Which is why we need to keep our eyes on her before Harrow sees her." Khonshu explained.

Little did they know, you knew they were following you. You heard Khonshu and Steven whispering.

You looked back and waved.

"Shit. She saw us." Steven said, getting ready to run the other way but you walked towards him.

"You know, if you wanted to talk to me you could've asked. You seem like good company." You said, smirking as you continued to walk towards him with confidence.

"Uh- hi!" He thought your voice was... magical. It was beautiful. You were beautiful.

"Follow me." You sighed and Khonshu and Steven did.

"Be careful, Steven. We don't know if we can trust her yet." Khonshu said and you smiled and laughed as they snapped their heads toward you.

"I can hear you, you know that right, khonshu?" You said as you continued to walk.

"Khonshu." Atum sneered at the god in dislike.

"Atum." He said, a bit nicer.

"You know, The rest of the Ennead doesn't seem to trust you. But your avatar seems... likeable." You spoke smirking.

"Oh, no I'm not really his avatar.. I'm more of a alter of the actual avatar." He spoke.

"You have dissociative identity disorder?" You asked him.


"Got it. Well, I suppose I'll have time to talk to him at a later date."

"Y/n. You can't seriously trust them, the Ennead is gonna be pissed off." Atum spoke to you.

"Hey, who cares about what they think?"

"I demand you to go to them! This is unacceptable." He said in pure anger.

"Atum, seriously. Let's see what they want, yeah?" You said and he sighed in anger.

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