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I'm gonna add Jake  lockley in here as well (::

•Steven is a sweetie. Oh my god he's so sweet sometimes a little too sweet.

•He like getting complimented, he's not used to it be he loves them more than he says he does.

•He will miss dates a lot, but once you know why you say it's fine and you understand.

•He doubts himself a lot, you have to reassure him multiple times you love him.

•He will always say "Laters gators!" To you when you guys leave each other.

•At first he was scared to ask you out, And Jake took over and asked you out himself, he was confused but thankful

•He will stay up later than he usually does when your with him, he doesn't want Marc or Jake to front, he's not too worried about Marc but rather Jake, because well.. of the whole murder thing

•He will constantly reassure you he loves you and cares about you.


•Marc's a bit more rough I guess you could say.

•He pushes people away, including you sometimes. But you have to assure him that you care and love him.

•He does care about you, he just doesn't say it.

•He acts tough, he doesn't want Khonshu to see him as weak but really, he's a sweet person.

•My boy just needs some love. And that's all he wants 🫶🏽

•Not very vocal with his feelings and would rather keep them to himself ):

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