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Warnings- none (:
Steven Grant x gender neutral reader

God those glasses. Those stupid (But cute) reading
glasses Steven wears every time he reads.

They are adorable on him. And they make you crazy in the best way possible. Every time you see them on him they make you want to just kiss him in them, because they look so cute on him.

Normally, Steven would think that you thought they were weird and that he himself was weird. It was the opposite.

You guys were cuddling on the couch for a while, then you got in his bed, he just sat down and read. When you stared at him for too long he asked what was wrong.

"Love.. are you okay?" His tone slightly worried and confused on why you're staring at him.

"I'm good. But those glasses are really cute on you, Y'know?

This man got so flustered. He started blushing and just staring at you as if you were crazy. It was odd almost.

"Oh- I- uh... thanks." He said wondering on how he got so lucky with the best person ever.

He swears he felt his heart leap out of his chest when you said that.

He continued reading with his head in his book, it was amazing how he did it all.

"Why are you still awake?" He asked you. It was about 1 am.

"Cause.. I don't want you to be alone." You said smiling at him.

"It'a fine- really, it is. I don't want you to be tired in the morning because of me. But, thanks Y/n. I appreciate it." He said looking at you with a beaming smile and you gave him one back.

He had crawled up in bed with you, his hands in you hair as you two hugged each other for dear life, as if you guys stopped you would die.

He wasn't sure what he would do without you, but he was upset to hear that you woke up in an empty bed in the morning.

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