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Warnings- angst, death, blood
Steven Grant X Gender neutral reader

"Steven." You whispered, your voice shaking in horror as you watched Steven get shot down and fall into the shallow water.

His blood flowed into the water, and you felt like you were gonna puke.

"Y/n, come on." Layla said, grabbing your hand, and pulling you away from the scene that just happened.

She was upset too, so you both decided to chill out for a little and see what your next steps would be. Although most of the time it was just you guys crying to each other.

Layla was a good friend, she understood that you were dating Steven, and not Marc, even if they did have the same body.

You had also thought of another theory, that there was a third alter. Sometimes, Marc or Steven may have done things they don't remember doing, and it's usually more violent and results in dead body's scattered on the floors.

You and Layla had decided to go up against Harrow when you two were ready.

But you could care less.

All you wanted was Steven, to be home.

To cuddle up against him, feel his warmth as he showers you in praise and love, peppering his skin with kisses.

You wanted to be home, but so did Steven. But Steven was gone now, there was no longer any home. No love, no warmth, no goodnight kisses, none of it.

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