Arthur Harrow Dad hcs

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•This man is amazing with kids and you can't tell me otherwise

•He finds children amusing, especially younger ones who have absolutely no clue what their saying

•So when you and him have a child of your own, he is super excited

•Hes super patient with them

•If your stressed or busy or just need a break, Arthur is more than okay with watching them for you

•He'll do anything for his child. Anything

•The community is happy for you both and also helps with your guys children

•He adores small and simple moments, even small things such as you all just hanging out watching a movie together

•You're on the couch along with your guys child, Arthur comes into the house after a long day and sees you both. The small girl/boy (choose one idk) laying in your lap fast asleep while you watch the movie. He smiles at it

•He will do anything to protect you guys

•Like during when moon knight takes place, This man will do whatever he can to make sure you or the child doesn't get involved

•He wants to keep you both as far away from it

•If Khonshu says a word about you or his kid , he gets pissed off. Like he'll yell at the god, not like he cares

•Anyways, as much as he doesn't want to, when the kid is old enough he will check the scales. But he raised them to be balanced

•So when they are balanced he feels huge relief

•The whole community celebrates

•Arthur also tries his best to make sure they know how to defend themselves in any type of situation

•Nothing too intense, just a little training

•He begs Ammit to give you both peace and protection. To which she agrees since he's so loyal

•Overall, best cult leader dad ever

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