Not perfect

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Warnings- angst to fluff
Layla x Gender Neutral reader 

"Y/n!" Layla shouted, was this how you seriously were gonna die?

"Y/n.." she rushed over to your side, crouching down beside you and scooping you up quickly as Steven stood behind her, shocked.

"Come on, love. Don't leave me, I'm right here." She repeated in a whisper as she ran to her house.

You guys couldn't  go to a hospital, so she would have to help you herself.

About a few hours later when you and her are both unconscious, you wake up next to Layla, groaning as she woke up quickly.

"Y/n.." she said with tears in her eyes.


She cut you off while she threw her arms around your body and pulled you into a small soft hug.

"I love you. So much, please please never scare me like that again." Layla said as she put her hands on your hips.

"I'm sorry, Love. I love you too." You snuggled into her shoulder and warmth.

You both have your ups and downs, obviously your not perfect, but you make it work.

"Your The best." Was all Layla heard as you two drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

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