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Warnings- none
Steven Grant x female reader

"Hey!" He waved to you as you rushed over to him and gave him the biggest hug.

"Steven!" You said, laughing and smiling.

"Y/n! I'm so glad to see you." He said, you two stopped hugging.

"Sorry I've been busy with work and stuff..." you apologized quickly.

"Your good, no. Its fine, No need to worry." He said beaming up at you.

"Alright, how have you been?" You asked, his heart felt like it beating against his chest, but so did yours. He was nervous, I mean you both were.

"I'm- Ive been good, how are you?" He said, smiling nervously and fiddled with his hands for a little before looking at you again.

"Other than work, I've been pretty good." You smiled.

"Y/n. Can I- can I tell you something?" He asked nervousness laced in his voice.

"Of course you can."

"Y/n. I love you, god, I've loved you like forever." He said, stuttering over his words and looking at you to see if he had just ruined his friendship . He regretted his words because you didn't say anything right away.

You stayed silent for a moment, taking in his confession and if this was even real.

"I love you too steven, I just- I don't know. Your sweet, kind, and just the best." You beamed at him, he was blushing and stuttering over his words when he spoke.

"Uh- you- you wanna go out, like on Friday May- maybe?" He asked nervously.

"Of course!" You smiled and hugged him tightly as he stood stunned and flustered.

Maybe if all his confessions turned out like this, he would confess about everything More.

But, he ignored that for now and treasured the moment.

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