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14th Imagine...

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I Should Have Kissed You~!

Prodigy P.O.V

I watched Y/N walked out of the restaurant laughing with her new boyfriend Roc. I watched them walk around the corner. I frowned up and then let out a angry sigh. As you can tell I'm pretty mad Y/N is with Roc. Why you ask, because she's supposed to be my girlfriend. But there is no reason for me to be mad because I never told her or kissed her to show her I really meant it.

I threw down the magazine I had in my hand and march around the corner to find her and her boyfriend.

I spotted them in the park sitting and talking. I smile to myself and walk toward the bench they sat at. "Umm, hey there" I announced startling them both. "Prodigy? Is that you?" she asks smiling. I nod yes and she jumps up and hugs me. I've ignored Y/N alot lately since I realized I had feelings for her.

"How've you been? You've been M.I.A lately Prod" she smiles. Oh that smile just kills me inside. "Oh nothing really, say who is this right here?" I ask already knowing the question.

"Chresanto aka Roc aka Y/N boyfriend" he said getting up and hugging her tightly. I forces a smile. 

"Roc could you leave us alone a minute, I wanna talk to Prodigy I haven't seen him in a minute" she says pushing him away slightly. "No funny buisness though" he says serious. "No promises" I say under my breath. Roc walks off and she grabs my hand and pulls me to the bench.

"Craig what's up with you? Why you look more depressed" she says worried like.

I take a deep breath. Time to spill everything. "Y/N the reason I've been gone becuase I'm angey at myself. Angry because I've never told you how I felt about you. I know you're my best friend but I want to be more then best friends" I reply

"Mega best friends?" she says as she smiles slightly

I shake my head and grab her hands. "I want you to be my..girlfriend. I've should have told you and I should have kissed you" I smile.

"You gave me sighs before and I've missed them, but now I finally get it." I smile.

She begins to talk but I cup her face and kiss her. She's in shock at first but soon calms down. We hear Roc yelling but we ignore it all that matters is me and her now.

I pull back and smile at her. "I should have been kissed you and told you how I felt" I laugh.


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