My Vampire Slayer *Princeton Vamp Story* - Part 1 by QueenRoyal
My Vampire Slayer *Princeton QueenRoyal
I wiped away the blood off of my mouth as I stood up from off the ground staring at the drained creature in front of me. 'I cant stand these creatures even though I am o...
  • behavior
  • horror
  • mindless
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Thirst For Love- The Vamps (MB Vampire Story) by QueenRoyal
Thirst For Love- The Vamps (MB QueenRoyal
Some vampires have a thirst for blood. Some have a Thirst for Love. Ranked #335 Vampire Ranked #619 Vampire
  • vampire
  • prodigy
  • mindless
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Psychological Facts by Sassy_Brassy
Psychological Factsby Karishma
|Highest Ranking #1 in random| Ever wondered why you feel the way you do, or do the things you do? The way your mind functions has a lot to do with the way you are, and...
  • facts
  • brain
  • consciousness
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Anything but Normal (a Chresanto August love story)(editing) by _xQVOx
Anything but Normal (a Chresanto _xQVOx
meet Abrianna Russo... her older over-protective brother disappears at late hours of the night, her parents are barely around and the new guy Chresanto August has her bo...
  • diggy
  • princeton
  • wattys2017
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Jacob Is My Bully? by LastGloQueen
Jacob Is My Bully?by ✨Champagne Mamii✨
This is a story of a girl named London. She was once best friends with Jacob, which is her bully. Then things went downhill. She keeps her guard up and shuts ALMOST eve...
  • behavior
  • romance
  • mindless
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Dear, My Bully... I Love You ❤ *MB Love Story* by QueenRoyal
Dear, My Bully... I Love You ❤ * QueenRoyal
Aubrey Crippen. 16. Bullied by Jacob Perez. Do I need to say more? Read the book to find out... ©2013 QueenRoyal
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  • bjandmbrocforever
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mindless behavior preferences by prefercence1999
mindless behavior preferencesby prefercence1999
  • roc
  • prod
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Dont touch me (A Princeton Love story) by Ceioprsu
Dont touch me (A Princeton Love I am PRODIGOUS
Princeton stop." Y/N said as I continued to unbutton and unbuckle her clothing. "It isn't right." She breathed in my neck. She was in a relationship alrea...
  • behavior
  • mindless
  • princeton
Bad Behavior (JENLISA) by zizodastyle
Bad Behavior (JENLISA)by zizodastyle
Be who you want to be,not others want to see'__ Lalisa Manoban I just want to love who do not pretending to love me, I mean true love'__ Jennie Kim Listen to me, you h...
  • jisoo
  • lisa
  • fuckoff
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Imagines : Diggy Edition *TAKING REQUESTS* by ChynaDolll
Imagines : Diggy Edition *TAKING NANA
*ACTIVE* A racy book of imagines for diggy Simmons. You (y/n) are the character. And sometimes the imagines run a little long which is good. It means I have an idea of...
  • setter
  • teen
  • jet
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Ruined // Jacob Perez by bloodyblunts
Ruined // Jacob Perezby sad latina
❝ Have you ever loved someone so much, you cried? ❞ Haylee and Jacob used to be best friends when they were younger... Until Jacob moved away when he was twelve. It's be...
  • pérez
  • royal
  • princeton
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Jacob Sartorius Dirty Imagines by drizzyjacob
Jacob Sartorius Dirty Imaginesby BF
  • behavior
  • hitormiss
  • august
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The Bad Boy's Dares  by Dallastbfh
The Bad Boy's Dares by vibrant reads
Ashton Carter never turns down a dare. No matter the risk. He's a bad boy. A player. But most of all, he's a dare devil. But why? Why does this badass have no care for...
  • dare
  • youngadult
  • boss
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My Vampire Slayer *Princeton Vamp Story* - Part 3 by QueenRoyal
My Vampire Slayer *Princeton QueenRoyal
We have one thing to live off of now...Hope. Is this really the END? Ranking: #153 out of 405 - Princeton ©2017 QueenRoyal
  • werewolf
  • vampire
  • behavior
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Necessity by BaileyReloaded
Necessityby Bails
A month after Chresanto and Bahja's breakup, they find themselves conflicted in their feelings toward each other. Bahja would still give anything to have her family back...
  • omggirlz
  • mindlessbehavior
  • omg
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The Thug and The Princess(boyxboy) by chrishow971
The Thug and The Princess(boyxboy)by chrishow971
What happens when a thug raised from nothing finds a boy who was raised from everything. Find out on the thug and the princess
  • boyxboy
  • romantic
  • different
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the contract // Chresanto August by sevynteen
the contract // Chresanto Augustby sevyn.
What would you do if you signed a contract to be the assistant of a strict businessman? Kendall signs a contract to Ryan August but it's not your ordinary contract. The...
  • chresantoaugust
  • tmad
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Mindless behavior Images book two by Alsinababe1125
Mindless behavior Images book twoby Alsinababe1125
Im back once again yall with the images so make sure yall have a change of panties oh and one more thing make sure yall have yall girlfriends and boyfriends
  • images
  • watty2018
  • mindless
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My Brother And Me (A Chresanto August Story) by VannahTierra
My Brother And Me (A Chresanto Grove Street
Chres is so over protective he changed into an abusive brother.
  • strict
  • crazy
  • funny
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The Next Generation (Book III)  by KeneashaJ
The Next Generation (Book III) by KeneashaJ 🌸🤤
Read on to find out ---->> © Copyright KeneashaJ 2016-2017 All Rights Reserved. Book 3
  • kids
  • behavior
  • boyxboy
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