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Pen Your Pride


right here /teen wolf |far away #2| by puppy-mccall
right here /teen wolf |far away #2|by [ A N A ]
En teoría, la vida de Terra debería de ser más fácil ahora. Su hermano kanima ya no está, tiene a los mejores amigos del mundo e Isaac está enamorado de ella. Sin embarg...
  • terra
  • right
  • whittemore
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My Mate, My Enemy by katnisslerman16
My Mate, My Enemyby Abigail Lynne
Lux Freemen is caught in between two opposing forces. Daughter of a anti-werewolf activist and a werewolf, she is conflicted between what is she and what she has been co...
  • mate
  • right
  • enemy
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If Loving You Is Wrong by 1LoveMagic
If Loving You Is Wrongby 1LoveMagic
Casha and Tatyanna. 2 Different Women 1 Thing In Common ❣Jr Carter❣ @WorldOfAlyssa @GoldenWriter01 PLEASE EXCUSE ANY ERRORS!
  • secrets
  • urban
  • loyalty
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Becoming the Alpha Queen by Zodiac_Gate
Becoming the Alpha Queenby Yvonne Almaraz
My name is Cynthia and I'm one of the daughters of the Alpha of the Winter Breeze Pack. I'm strong, independent and a fierce warrior, and even though I don't think I wi...
  • mate
  • alpha
  • love
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Riddles by Luna_NightSky
Riddlesby Hai :3
A book about riddles. DO NOT SEARCH THE INTERNET FOR ANSWERS. PLEASE, JUST DON'T. I also don't own most of the riddles. Credit: Internet and the only websites I rem...
  • answer
  • right
  • wrong
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The Silver Reckoning by Pennator
The Silver Reckoningby Pennator
Book 3 of 'The Silver Trilogy' "This isn't a fight between good and evil. It's a fight between who's right, and who's wrong." The silver dragon has finally bee...
  • wrong
  • sci-fi
  • hunter
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My Five Husbands by Demz5luv
My Five Husbandsby Demz5luv
I woke up in Vegas with amnesia. I had absolutely no idea what I had done last night but I was pretty sure I had had a blast with my five hot new friends! I'm also pret...
  • first
  • tired
  • laugh
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It's just sex, right? by izarryftcashton
It's just sex, right?by izarryftcashton
"It's just physical right?" "Yeah, I mean what could be the harm in that?" "It'd just be two people who have no emotional feelings towards one a...
  • physical
  • humor
  • enemies
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|| dirty secret || vhope by helixhobi
|| dirty secret || vhopeby helixhobi
taehyung is typing... hyung, what is this? http/ hoseok is typing...
  • bottomhoseok
  • right
  • namjin
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Honey's Sister by snsmith116
Honey's Sisterby Smitty
🖤OHSHC X READER (undecided)🖤 Honey has a sister that he hasn't really told anyone about. Obviously Mori knows, they're family, after all. No one in the host club kno...
  • high
  • what
  • right
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Legends of the IceStone (GirlxGirl) by Shared21
Legends of the IceStone (GirlxGirl)by Shared21
PREVIOUSLY 'MY MATE' (GIRLXGIRL) Rea wasn't your average werewolf. she was bullied and her only Protection was her best friend, but after her best friend left with out a...
  • evil
  • happy
  • girlxgirl
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Baking Mrs. Right (Book 4, Bellesea & City Series) by moudenes
Baking Mrs. Right (Book 4, Mara Oudenes
Writer Michael Redmont returns to the City after an absence of three years hoping to publish his newest travel adventures book while his twin brother Luke is working har...
  • right
  • mrs
  • lovestory
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To Big To Be Love by ShanellNorfleet1
To Big To Be Loveby broken hearted girl
miracle is a 23 year old with insecuritie she have trust issues and she dont love easy she dont even know what love is she never felt it so when mr.rigt come alone will...
  • broken
  • love
  • work
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Girls just wanna have fun》applyfic by mich-zy-slaw
Girls just wanna have fun》applyficby 🧛🏻‍♀️
In which your local girl gang meets the stranger things/it cast +more and befriends them💘
  • foah
  • layden
  • right
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Teenager Post by 1sandyy
Teenager Postby sandy💟
read it
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Loving The Alien | unpopular opinions by DangersUntold
Loving The Alien | unpopular 「handsome!」
"Torture comes and torture goes, knights who'd give you anything, they bear the cross of Coeur de Leon, salvation for the mirror blind..." © DangersUntold
  • right
  • anti
  • unpopularopinions
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Im in love with my best friend  by liniscool
Im in love with my best friend by lin
Well yeah the title says it all.
  • love
  • wrong
  • right
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These Feelings will last forever by FOREVER121314
These Feelings will last foreverby BabyKay1213
Laurent and Larry couldn't be any happy living in the famous life as the most famous dancer on the plant. Laurent has these feeling for Larry but is shy to express the...
  • romance
  • lestwins
  • boyxboy
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Unconditional Love (Denis X Corl) by lexihart007
Unconditional Love (Denis X Corl)by ❄alex❄
If you know me, you already know I despise Dorl for all it is because it is the reincarnate of the devil himself. I've had a change of heart... (hah funny) Dorl I guess...
  • love
  • yeah
  • denisdaily
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Swiped Right by classyreads
Swiped Rightby Lily
Love is only one swipe away. And for them, it seemed far from it. [ 2018 © classyreads ]
  • campbell
  • comedy
  • shortstory
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