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Mrs. Jeon || jjk ☑  by Hyubaek_
Mrs. Jeon || jjk ☑ by Hyubaek_
Starting from now you will become 'Mrs. Jeon' I'm sorry but this is not a mafia story. This is a boring story. I already told you so be prepare.
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Crossed Lines by uncxnstrained
Crossed Linesby Zee
Melony moves from South Africa, following her dreams of trying to make a name for herself. She meets Zayn along the way. It's attraction at first sight and they soon lea...
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JUST ☆TAE♡KOOK☆🐇🐅 by Ms_HuskiesRei
A CUP OF TAE AND A PEICE OF KOOKIE (oneshot stories) (fanarts (not mine)) (taehyung and Jungkook pics and gif) (ranting) (imagines) (Analysis) WARNING SO READ IT MOTHERF...
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Watching BBC's Sherlock by CSP2708
Watching BBC's Sherlockby Carolin S. Petersen
Transcript written by Ariane DeVere a.k.a. Callie Sullivan After Sherlock's death, everyone is a bit torn up. Molly and Mycroft share a secret. John and Mrs. Hudson stan...
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Magic secret -  Tomarry (Before Hogwarts) (BOOK ONE) by NormalorPsycho
Magic secret - Tomarry (Before The Beldam
One night, he got sent outside in the horrible storm as a way to get rid of him, and he was strucked but it sent him back in time to 1936 and he met the one and only Tom...
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The Prince And I by Uilosris
The Prince And Iby Uilosris
Meeting a Prince at a ball might seem like a Cinderella 'rags to riches', but for 23 year old introvert and expat Zipporah Roux, it could prove a dream or a nightmare.
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90 days fiance // Payton Moormeier  by hiamstupid
90 days fiance // Payton Moormeier by hiamstupid
90 days fiance but Payton Moormeier edition 🌷 started 13.4 completed 13.5 lmao took me one moth haven't realized it 26.4 #2 in payton 8.5 #12 in bored #1 in...
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The Other Ross {SLOW UPDATES} by Mandee50112
The Other Ross {SLOW UPDATES}by 𝕄
❛it feels like a party everyday❜ crystal was born into the spotlight by being christina and morgan ross' oldest daughter. she didn't expect for her family to grow even b...
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HELLO MRS. ALBERTO!✔ by marchyrosarous
HELLO MRS. ALBERTO!✔by mawarputih_
Menjejaknya kaki dibumi eropah itu bagi membaiki hatinya yang sedia luka. Dia berharap dengan pemergiaannya itu luka dapat disembuhkan semula. Dia mengeluh. Baru beberap...
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TAFARU TA K'ARE......Anyiwa me dami d'aya sata... by 68Billygaladanchi
TAFARU TA K'ARE......Anyiwa me 68Billygaladanchi
"Mesa kake ambatar mutuwar nan wai, idan akan nace banasan kane kayi hakuri ina sonka wlhy, fiye ma da tunanin ka, na Amince zan rayu dakai rayuwa ta amana daso dak...
C1:Mrs.Bryan Harris[LOW IN RUSSIAN] by Fiafeymine
C1:Mrs.Bryan Harris[LOW IN RUSSIAN]by 💞ليفاناأدريشيالوري زرين
🐾Time:5:00Ptg 🐾Date:19.11.19 🔖Mrs.Bryan Hariss •BRYAN HARRIS & AFIFAH KHAN 🚫 Dilarang mencetak atau meniru dah miskin sangat ke otak tu sampai nak curi idea o...
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Baking Mrs. Right (Book 4, Bellesea & City Series) by moudenes
Baking Mrs. Right (Book 4, Mara Oudenes
Writer Michael Redmont returns to the City after an absence of three years hoping to publish his newest travel adventures book while his twin brother Luke is working har...
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Male!Reader X Tohru (Dragon Maid) by Six_The_Demon
Male!Reader X Tohru (Dragon Maid)by Ghostz
Yup.. I got into another Anime, anyway this is an Idea I came up with after finishing the series... It takes place 150 years later after the original story, after Miss...
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George x Harold strong love by AlyssaCruz1834
George x Harold strong loveby FireSear
George and Harold were old best friends but were separated as kids and in the final year of high school they meet again but in an unexpected way and many things had chan...
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I'm His Mrs. by shygirl2014
I'm His Nesa
*Originally My Vampire Mafia Aranged Marriage* Melanie Giomatti just turned 18, and what's her present? An arranged marriage to Dimitri Giordano a well known player in t...
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the unbreakable bond from birth by Ambi134
the unbreakable bond from birthby Ambi
its a long story guys
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Sherlock Preferences / One Shots by JohnlockStark
Sherlock Preferences / One Shotsby Lee Aoifa
What if there was more to life than inspecting dead bodies at crime scenes? What would it take to get you to notice it? A devastatingly handsome psychopath calling you a...
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An Unspoken Truth - Fitzsimmons by lilyplujambah
An Unspoken Truth - Fitzsimmonsby T'Ehl'Dzhei
She needed to talk to Fitz but she wasn't certain how he would react. He'd always been hesitant whenever a conversation turned romantic; he brushed off the questions, ch...
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Beauty and the Beast by katythefluteplayer
Beauty and the Beastby Katy
We all know the story of Beauty and the Beast. This story follows the outline of the traditional story pretty well with some changes to make it seems more real, more in...
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A billionaires love  by pj_sims
A billionaires love by pj_sims
Ashley and Jack meet, eyes lock across the bar. It was love at first sight or maybe lust? Can they keep their relationship alive when they've got demons they've got to b...
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