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Recreation: Primordial Deities by goldsnake_eyes
Recreation: Primordial Deitiesby Rooww
What would happen if one had the privilege of recreating a world one already knew from scratch? Would you follow your morality and help develop the world for the better...
  • gods
  • fantasy
  • lgbt
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Well-written, engaging and completed Werewolf Stories by zofka1984
Well-written, engaging and zofka1984
I have been a ghost on wattpad for quite some time now, reading stories within the werewolf genre. For my own benefits, I have added the best of the best in this book. I...
  • story
  • building
  • werewolf
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50 Days. by __Kimmoe__
50 Kimmoe
  • story
  • diaryentries
  • deardiary
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The Outsiders by Drummergirl0608
The Outsidersby Drummergirl0608
As two teens travel far from home, they discover that there are so many young adults just like them: kicked out of their homes because of who they love and who they are...
  • lgbtrights
  • lesbian
  • bisexual
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Building Our Love (Donald Trump x Bob The Builder) by TheWeeaboo
Building Our Love (Donald Trump I'm not a weeaboo
In another dimension where Donald Trump is elected president, it comes time to build a wall. The wall, the wall that will save this country. And only the best can build...
  • tearjerker
  • donaldtrump
  • read
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Trapped √ by VeeLizeni
Trapped √by ✨vongai lizeni✨
"Oh my, did it just stop?!" Lia panicked. This was proving to be the worst day of the year and year has not even started "Yeah, I'll call building service...
  • holiday
  • makeout
  • jasonmomoa
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Parallel World Governor by Joichirou
Parallel World Governorby Nanashi
Takanashi Satou is a 18 year old college student, one time when he's going home a shootout happened in front of him, he ran away but he saw a girl was about to be shot...
  • romance
  • town
  • adventure
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Puppetmaster of the Dungeon by Gammadragon
Puppetmaster of the Dungeonby Ethan Cole
A human from earth is sent to create a dungeon and defend it with all he can. His goal is exploit everything he can and become the strongest! It's a pity he inherited on...
  • dungeon
  • building
  • cultivation
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Animus Dungeon: Dungeoneering by Reugen7
Animus Dungeon: Dungeoneeringby Hans Christian U
Robblekin Mazer, or also called Rob is a young goblin from a peaceful tribe. Rob's life has been peaceful, until a group of humans massacred his entire tribe. Being the...
  • dungeon
  • highfantasy
  • recruiting
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Kookie sings by KookiesDice
Kookie singsby Kookie the Devil
You be reading the kookie sings! also with the track of the song
  • chips
  • baronessvonbonbon
  • hilda
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EAT A DICK by sluttystrap-
EAT A DICKby Alexis
  • story
  • sexy
  • best
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Eastern District by SpontaneousEm
Eastern Districtby Emaleen Hunt
What was it about this place? It was calling to her, pulling her closer. Just a run down ordinary school ...but packed full of history. A history that twists and binds...
  • history
  • hardworker
  • adventure
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Tritec Building Contractors by TritecUK
Tritec Building Contractorsby Tritec Building Contractors
Based in Essex, Tritec Building Contractors Ltd provides commercial and industrial roofing and cladding services to clients throughout the UK. Tritec provide on site ai...
  • building
Fantasy Races That I've Built by jesusfreak202
Fantasy Races That I've Builtby jesusfreak202
A book of fantasy races that I've built for both of my book series (Valiant and The Dragon Empire Series). Feel free to read, learn and even suggest your own to be feat...
  • building
  • planning
  • galaxy
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My Vampire King Mate (ON HOLD) by Madmaniachater_x
My Vampire King Mate (ON HOLD)by Sana Shakil
|#452 in vampire 9/8/17| The dark and gloom that surrounded my room is enough for me to get sleepy and drift off to sleep but one thing is odd that right now I can see a...
  • dark
  • king
  • hard
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Building The Love by moonatsky
Building The Loveby SKY
Meet the FIVE NEW GIRLS Cassy, Crystal, Jermaine, Lyzan, and Myzsa The New Transferees from Befting Functionary Academy The New Students of Smart Bridge Academy Pero P...
  • bangchin
  • love
  • building
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I Dare You (completed) [Unedited] by cskt17
I Dare You (completed) [Unedited]by (◑.◑)
dare /de(ə)r/ : Verb - Have the courage to do something. Noun - A challenge, esp. to prove courage. An average 15 year old girl, Riley Dawson, has known she doesn't jus...
  • roses
  • secret
  • advanced
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A Guard Named Emiko (Nanbaka) by WeKnowTheTruth
A Guard Named Emiko (Nanbaka)by WeKnowTheTruth
There aren't enough of these out there, so I decided to write one. I will warn you the updates will be slow. It follows the episodes with my OC Emiko Yoshida added. I ho...
  • honey
  • 13
  • nico
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Mincraft by deadlyraihan4560
Mincraftby Raihan Dorani
This is book is going to tell you how to play min craft and how to make a min craft world and houses.
  • digging
  • blocks
  • mobs
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