Daughter of Thanatos by AlexFierroLover
Daughter of Thanatosby Queens
This is the first revision of the first chapter of my book! More chapters to come out soon! BTW I also have this revision of my book on Quotev so just so you know I DIDN...
  • empire
  • hades
  • hero
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Supply And Demand by Tummamu
Supply And Demandby Tummamu .
Yuvians from the Zitavan Fields, often see themselves traveling to the highly capitalistic Human colonial cluster field of Elyzian Fields, in hoping that they would find...
  • science
  • world
  • prediction
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Eastern District by SpontaneousEm
Eastern Districtby Emaleen Hunt
What was it about this place? It was calling to her, pulling her closer. Just a run down ordinary school ...but packed full of history. A history that twists and binds...
  • travel
  • stranger
  • spontaneous
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Building Our Love (The Continuation) by SirPenguinlots
Building Our Love (The dank whippersnapper
The anticipated, it's-been-too-long continuation of the (in)famous, original love story by @TheWeeaboo I hope I live up to you guy's filthy expectations. - In another di...
  • bob
  • anime
  • otp
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The Job by JadeVega-West
The Jobby Jade Vega-West
Gabriella Lopez. A women of many talents. Talents including website building, creating anything that she can put her mind too, and coding. What happens when she gets fir...
  • endoftheworld
  • evil
  • technology
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Suicide Building 772 (#Wattys2017) by IamNaurin
Suicide Building 772 (#Wattys2017)by Naurin - نؤرىن
One building , one entrance and zero exits. This is Suicide Building 772. □■□■□■□■□■□■□■ This book is part of #MyYouth and #ProjectNobody Do NOT judge this story by the...
  • mercy
  • fake
  • gamemakeers
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EAT A DICK by sluttystrap-
EAT A DICKby Alexis
  • best
  • building
  • story
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Building Your Ark (Faith) by christyjacobs5
Building Your Ark (Faith)by christy jacobs
A story of hope! Final destination=place of rest 1 Corinthians 3:9 New International Version (NIV) For we are co-workers in God's service; you are God's field, God's bui...
  • questions
  • faith
  • spiritual
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How To Build A Profile by MaylennaFanFictionHQ
How To Build A Profileby Maylenna
Want to Create a BELIEVABLE World? Here are the details that will show you how! Tips, Notes, Details, Links and MORE! Rated Non-Fiction: #151 6/19/2014
  • prompts
  • race
  • background
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Bonds by WingedLadyColette
Bondsby WingedLadyColette
Someone so much smarter than Itachi had once said, save one child, save the world. This path walked by a guilt-ridden young man, a broken teen, a dead man, a scarred boy...
  • sasuke
  • premassacre
  • kakashi
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Immersed by NatalieNicole15
Immersedby NatalieNicole16
Depression is like drowning in every way. Tears represent the the water you're being submerged under, surviving which not everyone does, living or dying with the experie...
  • depression
  • immersed
  • sinking
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Baby Doll by PeppaPop
Baby Dollby PopPeppa
Mariah's innocence is tainted.
  • leader
  • office
  • cute
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Tragedy Of Chloe by mayajadynn
Tragedy Of Chloeby mayajadynn
Follow Noah through Los Angeles as he looks for his mischievous sister, Chloe.
  • lost
  • sadness
  • brother
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Tywyll | Dark by FoxcatAI
Tywyll | Darkby 『 Aris。』
"It was the dark of the night." Describe a building, and the people you see entering and exiting in your short period of time watching the scene at the entranc...
  • mafia
  • essay
  • mansion
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Apartment Building Roleplay {16/50} by FanFictonperson
Apartment Building Roleplay {16/50}by Ash Sparrow
A five story apartment with only 50 apartments.
  • apartment
  • building
  • roleplay
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Hgwalls coating equipment is determinedly TOUGHENED GLASS BUILDING PROJECTS IN CHENNAI made and different plan choices are accessible to suit different prerequisites of...
  • acp
  • projects
  • services
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Flame Wars by kinqpein
Flame Warsby Kinq.
For as long as history has been told, the City of Fire was rumored to inhabit the worlds most destructive, chaotic, merciless citizens. Jet Stein was raised to bully ot...
  • fantasy
  • magic
  • building
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ACP WORK IN CHENNAI by hgwallschennai
Hgwalls coating equipment is determinedly TOUGHENED GLASS BUILDING PROJECTS IN CHENNAI made and different plan choices are accessible to suit different prerequisites of...
  • chennai
  • services
  • system
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Hymn of Elys - World Building - Characters by Writing_Notoriety
Hymn of Elys - World Building - Writing_Notoriety
This collection includes information about the character from 'Hymn of Elys'. As the story continues the information on past characters and new characters will be added.
  • romance
  • characters
  • elys
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Adventurers of a Stranded Space Engineer by Kingkiara789
Adventurers of a Stranded Space The Gambler of Fate
Sparking grounds mining corporation sends a ragtag group of individuals in a ship called (the Atlas) to mine and explore the astroids fields in an new and barely explore...
  • building
  • engineers
  • stranded
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