Cowboy Take Me Away by roansNropes
Cowboy Take Me Awayby Wild Flower Child🌻
#1 in Cowgirl #1 in Rodeo #1 in Farm #1 in Country Cooper Blackwood, new to Hudson, is a deep-rooted cowboy. He's already made a troublesome reputation in the...
  • cowgirl
  • country
  • fiction
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The Compromise  by LaurenKiingston
The Compromise by Lauren Kingston
When Evelynn finds out that her family farm is going to be forclosed by the bank, she immediately thinks of a plan to prevent it, and that is speaking to the person that...
  • dominate
  • teenfiction
  • romance
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Vestal Victoria's Kinship by mazimai
Vestal Victoria's Kinshipby MJ Thompson
Victoria is a loner on a road trip around the country after losing her only living family member, her mother. Kraven and Theo are hermits who earn a living breeding and...
  • depression
  • menage
  • horses
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Blackmailing Aria [Book 1 of the Stavros Series] by booklings21
Blackmailing Aria [Book 1 of the Lulu Eliot
After four years and her first heartbreak, Aria never wanted to see the man she remembers as Xander ever again. But after a mix-up in hotel rooms, Aria runs into him, an...
  • blackmail
  • lies
  • true
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Farm Boy | k.taehyung [COMPLETED] by taeyangtears
Farm Boy | k.taehyung [COMPLETED]by panda 🏳️‍🌈
When the famous movie actress Choi Ara has to flee the city to avoid the public eye following a crazy scandal, she gets tricked by her company and ends up in the middle...
  • kpop
  • bangtan
  • celebrity
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Magnus Bane 101 (Malec AU) by HelloHeidi_101
Magnus Bane 101 (Malec AU)by HelloHeidi_101
Alec Lightwood has always known who he was... Right? He has everything he ever wanted and needed in his family, his farm and his cows... Right? So why does a chance enco...
  • farm
  • football
  • comingout
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The Haven (Book 2 of The Claiming) by Beautiful_Dreamer
The Haven (Book 2 of The Claiming)by Emily
One year has passed since Alec and Belle were separated from their family. Although the couple have made a home for themselves on an abandoned farm, Belle believes they...
  • love
  • dystopian
  • farm
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Swanson Farms  by RyeWinston
Swanson Farms by Rylea
Charlie Swanson thought that life in the city was the right path for her. After making a mistake and being left to live with the consequences, she moves back to her fami...
  • farm
  • bakery
  • babies
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Boots and Baseball by Raesofsun
Boots and Baseballby Rae
When Kenzi Preston shows up as a new student to Deshler High School in Tescumbia, Alabama, with her father, Jameson, and two older brothers, Quinton and River, she immed...
  • baseball
  • bullridin
  • boots
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AVALON by palominolane
AVALONby palominolane
PUBLISHED ON AMAZON.COM Avalon has spent her entire life on her family's Cattle Station in Northern Queensland. In her eyes there is nothing sweeter than working the lan...
  • fight
  • cheeky
  • high
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Just Another Greene➴Daryl Dixon by _deatheater_
Just Another Greene➴Daryl Dixonby 🌙
[DISCONTINUED] "I'm not pretty like Maggie and I don't have a beautiful voice like Beth I'm just another Greene"- Emily Greene
  • fanfiction
  • family
  • thewalkingdead
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Red Thunder by LadyOfTheWild
Red Thunderby Gavina MacGregor
I have lived with my family on our little homestead in the Dakota prairie all my eighteen years. It is all I have ever known, and it is Indian territory. My father told...
  • healer
  • indian
  • forbidden
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Growing Love - Camren by calling-camren
Growing Love - Camrenby calling-camren
One junior college student, Camila Cabello, is invited to stay with a former college grad, Lauren Jauregui, on her farm, learning hands-on as a way to further her agric...
  • gxg
  • camren
  • camrenau
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City Boy Meets the Stable Girl by sarcastic_sarah417
City Boy Meets the Stable Girlby Total Fangirl TBH
Jared is a big city actor. Everyone in the country basically knows who he is unless you live under a rock. Jared wants to be cast as the lead in western-y ranch-y type m...
  • onceuponatime
  • country
  • romantic
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May We All  by ilikethepine
May We All by kay :)
"may we all get to grow up in a red, white, and blue little town... the kind of place you can't wait to leave but nobody does. ' cause you miss it too much. " ...
  • hurley
  • farm
  • alanjackson
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Will You Save Me? (A Stardew Valley FanFiction) by KenesisKill
Will You Save Me? (A Stardew Kenesis
When young city girl Kyra Ray moves to Stardew valley she catches the eye of a young freelance programmer named Sebastian. Sebastian is a young man who longs to leave hi...
  • farm
  • stardewvalley
  • sebastian
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Unfading by CrazyAnimeLife1
Unfadingby CrazyAnimeLife1
Naruto is a poor and lonely boy, who works every hour of every day, to earn money to survive. Gaara is an unchanging prince from an age ago, cursed to protect his count...
  • love
  • gaara
  • war
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A 2 by palominolane
A 2by palominolane
The story of Avalon continues.... Cover by the awesome MayTijssen
  • fight
  • horse
  • date
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Consequences of a Chance (The Walking Dead) by supercarrot96
Consequences of a Chance (The sKiTtLeS
Charlotte Marie Jenner is the daughter of the only surviving doctor at the CDC in Atlanta. When a group comes banging on the door Charlotte convinces her dad to let them...
  • promise
  • apocalypse
  • walking
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Secluded by silverlumos1
Secludedby Shelby
Eric and Tris are sent to the outskirts of Amity for her leadership training. What'll happen when they are left alone for an entire year away from civilization. Will the...
  • amity
  • shailenewoodley
  • romance
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