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Trigger Warning: If you have triggers please consult the warnings at the beginning of the book and then proceed cautiously with your mental health in mind.

"What the fuck do they know?" Todd, Revelry's manager asked as he held out his phone towards Fallon displaying an article that claimed to know why she and Calum split.

"Nothing. There's nothing to know." She promised.

"You best be right. Come on, we've both been asked to meet with Calum and the boys management to try and stop whatever it is they think they've got on you two before it can go to print."

Fallon's mouth went completely dry. She had procrastinated so long on this and now she was out of time. She had no clue how the online magazine had managed to get the story, she was also clueless on who their source was but she didn't have a single doubt in her mind about what they were going to print. Her secret was going to come out and it was going to unleash complete and utter chaos.

She stood and followed after Todd because really, what choice did she have? Her knees and hands both shook, complete terror taking hold of her body straight down to her bones.

This was really fucking happening.

Todd pushed open the door of a nondescript grey metal door and led her in. Only Paul, the manager for 5SOS, and Calum were on the other side. Paul paced next to a table, his cell phone pressed to his ear as he had an apparently intense conversation. His words were too quiet and quick for Fallon to work out what he was saying. Calum was leaned up against a waist-high marble counter that lined the wall of the room that appeared to be a green room that was going unused that night. His eyes were focused on the floor and for that, Fallon was thankful. There was no way she could look him in the eye at the moment.

"Ah, Todd. Fallon. Thanks for joining us." Paul said as he ended his call and shoved his phone into his pocket. "I take it you both have seen the article this morning?"

"We have." Todd said affirmatively.

"Great. So obviously they think that there is something ground-breaking that this mysterious source is going to tell them to cause issues. We just want to make sure we know what we're dealing with. Todd, I'm sure you would agree with me that getting in front of this kind of thing is the best option."

"Yes, I would have to say that would be my preferred mode of action."

"Glad to see we are in agreement here. So, this is what we need from you two." Paul said, completely shifting his attention to Calum and Fallon. "Is there anyone out there, in your pasts or whatever, who would come out of the woodwork to tear you down? Exes, old friends, jealous family members, anyone you could think of that might be the source?"

"The only people who know the real reason for Fallon and I's breakup are Fallon and I. Anyone else claiming to know is lying and once we see what they have to say we will be able to disprove whatever it is. There's no reason to fret so much over this." Calum said calmly. Fallon nervously bit at her lip.

"So you want me to believe that neither of you had ever told your parents, your siblings, your bandmates, your friends? No one."

"I know I haven't." Calum held his hands up and then turned his head to look at Fallon. "What about you, Fal?"

She forced herself to swallow the massive lump that had lodged in her throat. "No. I never told anyone."

Because I was fucking terrified and heartbroken. She wanted to add, but she didn't.

"You're both sure that you've never slipped up? Never spoken about it to each other where someone might have overheard?"

We've never actually spoken about it. Not the true story anyways.

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