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"Uh, Cal?"

"Yeah, love?"

"This is a parking garage."

He smiled back at her, the corners of his eyes crinkled and his cheeks pushed up revealing the smallest hint of a dimple. "Just trust me Fallon."

The way he looked at her when he said it, his brown eyes so completely focused on her, brought back a familiar feeling. She felt the excitement in her stomach as she realized that he had her intrigued. Calum had always excelled at planning things for them to do, it was part of his caring and creative nature and it had been so long since they had done something like this.

Fallon followed him up a stairwell, her eyebrows slightly raised anxiously but despite everything that had happened between them she knew that Calum would take care of her, that whatever he had planned was sure to be amazing.

After more flights of stairs than she cared to remember they reached the top and a grey metal door. Calum turned to look back at her as he pushed open the door and led her out onto the roof.

"Mali did some writing in Nashville and showed me this when I came to visit. Someone she knows owns the company that leases this parking garage and she would come up here for inspiration. It's beautiful right?"

She felt his gaze fall on hers, a look of pride coating his face as she took in the way the stars shone in the sky.

"You can see so many."

"I know. I don't know how the light pollution from the other streets doesn't affect the view but I ain't complain'."

"Maybe since it's the tallest one right around here? And all the lights from the arena and the parking lots are off." She mused, looking in the direction of the darkened lot they had walked over from, always interested in solving a puzzle.

"Whatever it is, I knew you'd like it. Plus I figured it would give us a place away from everyone for a bit."

"I doubt they'll be back anytime before bus call."

"Can never be sure with our friends though truthfully, can you?" He said, shrugging off his backpack, unzipping it and beginning to remove the items he had packed for them: two blankets, a pillow, a bottle of wine, and snacks.

"You really came prepared, huh?" She asked him as he spread out the blanket and they laid down, looking at the stars with the second blanket thrown over them to fight off the evening chill.

"I always do." He beamed, his chubby cheeks puffed up making it incredibly hard for Fallon to resist the urge to squeeze them.

"Okay genius, where's the corkscrew?"

Calum reached for his backpack and produced the opener with a smug smile as he produced one from the pocket of the bag.

"Uh-huh and the glasses for this?"

His smile fell momentarily before his frown was replaced with an "aha" look. "We'll just drink from the bottle."

"What if I don't want to drink after you?"

"I don't know why that would be an issue. Hate to break it to you but you surely got any germs I have when we fucked."

"Jesus, Cal. You don't have to be so crude." She barely made it through the sentence before bursting into laughter, Calum chuckling beside her.

"Just drink the damn wine." He thrust the bottle forward into her hand and for a moment she was taken aback.

"You just happened to have a bottle of Underwood Pinot lying around?" She asked softly after a moment, the laughter from before having died down.

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