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Fallon loved to party. She might not always admit to it but the glow of neon lights, the pulse of the bass blasting from a speaker, and the smell of alcohol and sweat did something to her that always made her feel more alive. The drinking was optional, she had been known to be just as wild sober as she was legless. It wasn't the alcohol that fueled her ecstasy, it was adrenaline and the atmosphere.

Tonight however, the drinking seemed like it would be necessary. Calum had established a platonic relationship with her which was frustrating as hell and Ashton's clear annoyance with her, or at least the idea of Calum with her, was stressing her the fuck out. She needed a drink—or maybe twelve. She needed however many blue motorcycles it would take for her to build up the courage to once again ask the man, who still had total claim of her heart,  what the fuck was he wanted.

She had one thing working in her favor; the angels and demons costume theme idea had been hers and it had clearly paid off judging by Calum's reaction earlier. The man was a fucking sucker for lingerie and that was basically all she was wearing. Hopefully her attire mixed with a few glasses of jack-and-coke would have him feeling a bit more talkative than the last time this conversation had been broached.

The pathway to the bar was crowded but her desire to get things started for the night drove her forward. Usually, being in the VIP area would mean that she didn't have to wait for her drinks but because it was Halloween the place was packed and even the separate bar for the exclusive section had a wait. That wasn't a big deal, a few flirtatious looks to the bartender and a calculated lean against the bar top to push her boobs up had her feeling rather proud of herself as she sipped on a version of her favorite mixed drink less than five minutes later. She'd gone for a double. The need for liquid confidence was at an all time high.

The members of her band had taken over a booth by the time she returned from the bar, a server following close behind with the drinks Fallon had gotten the other girls on a tray that she sat on the table before disappearing back into the masses.

Erin looked a bit shell shocked when she realized that Fallon had brought her a drink back.

Good—Fallon though— She certainly didn't have to.

The sisters were at the point in their fight where they both seemed content to just ignore the issue and pretend that things were fine while they both could obviously tell they weren't. They weren't speaking unless they had to which made things awkward for the people around them but neither Fallon nor Erin was ready to admit that they may be wrong. Or at least admit that things had escalated a bit too far.

They would come around, they always did. Fallon was sure of that much.

Until then, she focused her attention on the other members of her band, doing her best to join the conversation and not constantly stare at the door where she knew that Calum and the rest of his band would soon be entering.

It was hard to resist and stay focused on Chayse and Wes though. Her brain seemed to only have one track and it was firmly set on Calum Hood.

When they finally appeared, Calum breezed through the door like a gust of wind, powerful and natural. It was unfair how fucking comfortable he always seemed no matter the situation. His calm and cool demeanor was usually comforting but when her insides were wound so tight that she felt like she could die it was a bit difficult to not feel contemptuous towards his easy breezy manner.

Luke saw them first, throwing his hand up in greeting and moving quickly towards them with a wide grin covering his face, his hand holding Sierra's as he pulled her behind them. Fallon only managed a nod in hello as her eyes shifted to focus on Calum and they spoke with only their eyes as she wondered where Ash was.

Calum took a half step towards her like he might be about to lean in and answer what she had been wondering when Micheal spoke. "Ash decided he was too cool for Halloween this year. Said he had something to take care of that was more important."

"He went to see KayKay." Sierra spoke up. Fallon's eyes widened in surprise, a look copied by most of the members of their small group. Sierra shrugged her shoulders and showed the palms of her hands. "I don't know anything else. She just told me to text her when he headed out. Said they had plans to talk since she's in town visiting her family."

With that question answered Calum no longer had anything to say to Fallon apparently because instead of turning to her and engaging in any sort of conversation he stepped away. The indifference he was showing towards her pissed her off but not as much as the satisfied look on Erin's face as Calum seemed content to ignore the younger Harding girl.

The alcohol gave her the courage she would typically lack to walk up to him, interrupting Calum's conversation with Micheal. "Hey."

"Hey, Fal." He said, his eyes meeting hers briefly before he adjusted them to look over her head.

"I was thinking I might want to dance."

"That's good. You should." He replied casually.

It took everything within her for Fallon to refrain from rolling her eyes. "I'm asking you to come with me." She deadpanned.

He pulled his bottom lip back, his eyes feathering closed for a moment before he looked at her. "I don't know that that's such a good idea, Fal. There's a lot of people around."


"And, I don't think stirring up a bunch of rumors about us would be wise."

"You don't think there will already be rumors? Our bands are here together, we're talking. You've never cared about that shit before." She shot back almost immediately.

"Yeah, well I didn't have to worry..." He let whatever he had been about to say die out.

"No, go on say it. Whatever it is, spit it out."

Neither of them seemed to notice that Micheal had slipped away from them and back to the larger group and that both of their bands' attention was focused on the former couple.

"I never thought to consider your safety before."

"My safety?" She asked, mulling it over in her brain before it all seemed to click. "This is about what Erin told you. You're trying to coddle me."

The guilty look in his eyes told her that she was right. "I'm fucking fine Calum. I don't need bubble wrap, I want to dance and I want to dance with you. Come on." She reached forward and grabbed his forearm, sliding her hand down his wrist until she could weave their fingers together. He sighed and sat his drink down on the counter behind him, giving in and letting her lead him out to the dance floor.

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