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Sounds of someone coughing on the bus woke Fallon up. She huffed grumpily as she turned over in her bunk and tried to resettle. For the entire trip to their next stop she had been restless. Her brain was trying to rationalize her anger about Calum's secret and the guilt of her own that seemed to get heavier with each passing day.

The coughing continued and she rolled her eyes as she pushed herself up and out of her bunk, staring enviously at Chayse and Wesley who slept peacefully, unbothered by the obnoxious coughing that was coming from Erin in the front lounge.

"Jesus, E. You sound like you're about to hack up a lung. Drink something."

"I have." Erin moaned. She sounded genuinely unwell and Fallon shifted quickly from being annoyed, to being concerned.

"Fuck. Have you drank the tea?" Fallon steered her sister to the couch and then began digging through the cabinets in search of a mug and a bag of the tea that Erin used to help fight off illness while they were on the road.

"I haven't had the energy. I'm sorry I woke you up."

"My sleep is now the least of my concerns considering you sound like absolute hell and we have a show in twelve hours."

"You're freaking out over nothing. I'll be fine by showtime."

"Uh-huh okay. Can you hear yourself right now? Because not to be rude Erin, but you literally sound like shit. It's like nails on a chalkboard. Sit down, shut up, let me make you this tea."

"You sound like mom."

"I said shut up! Use your vocal rest app if you have to say something but I would prefer you just not talk." Fallon grumbled as she set to work making her sister a drink.

"You. Sound. Like. Mom." Erin's smirk was a clear sign of her teasing as she held the phone that had just spoken for her with hands that shook slightly from her withheld laughter. She was well aware that the comparison to their mother would irk Fallon and she was right.

"Fuck you."

"Lighten. Up."

"That stupid app is almost as annoying as your chalkboard nail voice." She thrust forward the mug of hot tea and waited for Erin to take it before leaning back against the counter top, her arms crossed over her body.

"Stop. I. Will. be. Fine. By. Soundcheck."


Erin wasn't fine by soundcheck.

In fact, it could be argued that she had gotten worse not better. The physician that was on the tour checked her out and chalked it up to excessive use and a cold. Erin had been asked to remain on vocal rest for twenty four hours. That meant that Revelry was down their singer and the stress levels of the rest of the band had risen exponentially.

This wasn't the first time that the band had been through illnesses. Touring was tough, especially when done for extended periods of time and so it wasn't so much their set that had Fallon worried. She had covered for Erin on numerous occasions, their voices similar enough that it didn't take much away from the fan experience. Performing without her sister just meant that the band didn't feel whole. For as many differences as Erin and Fallon had, they still loved and needed each other.

Backstage was overflowing with sights and sounds that only served to further distract and disorient Fallon as she prepared for her night as not only the bassist, but also the lead singer of Revelry.

Hopping from foot to foot she shook her hands at her side, hoping that the movements would help her to shake out some of the excess energy that flooded her nervous system. She hated changing up her routine, there was a certain head space she liked to be in before a performance and disruptions to that were rarely good. The extra anxiety coupled with all of her conflicting emotions leftover from the day before's interview had her ready to make a tear to the bathroom to lose her lunch.

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