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Fallon couldn't keep the giddy grin off her face as she waited in the wings with her band, ready to take the stage. Everything was perfect, or at least as perfect as it could be.

The sound of the crowd just beyond the curtain that separated backstage from them was thunderous. A sea of people waiting for them to take the stage and do the things that she and her girls loved most. It was kind of surreal that this was their job, that they were able to support themselves doing something that they all loved so much.

Giddy was the only word that seemed to describe how she felt as Fallon followed her sister, Wes, and Chayse out on stage, settling behind her microphone on stage right. For the first time in what felt like literal ages she felt at home onstage. Everything seemed to go right and that was exhilarating. Her feet felt light, her head felt clear, her heart felt full. "The Only Exception" was next in their set list and her chest didn't ache. Instead she felt confident as she stepped forward into the spot light that shone on her spot and began to speak to the crowd.

"How's everyone out there feeling tonight?" Her question was met with a roar of cheers and applause, her smile growing. "I hope you're all having a lovely time. My friends and I are so blessed to be here performing for you tonight and we can't thank you enough for having us. This next song is going to slow things down for a minute. It's about a love that isn't easy, maybe it isn't even understood by those around you but it's a love that is worth it. A love that believes that happily ever after might be possible after all."

Saying all of that was probably more than enough to stir up the rumor mill. Especially since she had been hesitant to speak at all before the song for most of the tour, scared that she would become emotional on stage and not be able to get through the performance. Now though, she and Calum were together, they were working their way back to the healthy relationship they had once shared and she couldn't help it, she was happy.

If the obvious change in her demeanor for Fallon on stage wasn't enough to get people talking, what she and the rest of Revelry did next sure would. The next slot on their setlist was for a cover and they had spent the entirety of the tour so far covering Dancing with a Stranger but Fallon had requested a change the day before and they had decided to try it out for the first time.

The song had felt too perfect for the moment to not use it even though it had only been out a few weeks. It was called Love You For A Long Time by Maggie Rogers and it said a lot of the things that Fallon herself had been thinking and feeling.

Half way through the song she turned her head to the left and felt her grin grow when she saw Calum leaned up against the side of a storage case that was positioned just off stage. His arms were crossed over his chest, a soft smile on his face cushioned between two ruddy chubby cheeks.

The screams when they finished their set were the loudest they had been on any of the tour stops. As Fallon rushed off stage and into Calum's arms, carefully tucked behind the safety of the curtains, she wondered how much louder they would be if they saw the tender way he held her or the gentle way his calloused fingers tilted her chin up to kiss her.

"What was that for?" She asked, her eyes full of all of the adoration she held for him.

"You know." He said simply, but lifting his chin in the direction of the stage in case she still needed the hint. "Think that might make it a bit more difficult to keep this under wraps though. If that was what you were wanting."

"I'm not planning on making out with you on stage or anything but I don't want to be in hiding with you. Tonight I wanted to sing a song that I like. Maybe they'll speculate that it makes me think of you, which it does, but they won't have any proof. Just like they won't have any proof of anything else that we don't allow them to. That's alright with me."

He smiled down at her before pressing another gentle kiss to her forehead. "Whatever you want is fine by me." He promised.

"Thanks by the way." She told him as he wound his fingers through hers, their joined hands swaying slightly as they walked back to the green room together.

"For what?"

"My bass. You know how much I hate restringing it."

"How'd you know I did it? It could have just as easily been one of the techs feeling generous."

"I didn't." She smiled proudly. "It was just a guess, but now I know."

"It was no big deal, Fal. I would do anything for you."

And he meant it, even if it meant keeping a secret from her that he knew would break her heart.


Falum: Singing A New Tune?

When it was announced a few months ago that Five Seconds of Summer and Revelry would be touring together we speculated that we might see a reunion of sorts for former couple 5SOS bassist Calum Hood and Revelry bassist Fallon Harding. For the majority of the tour it seemed as if the two were still at odds, several reports of pained looks and mid-performance breakdowns led to rumors that things were still not resolved between the two who dated for a year and a half before calling it quits in February this year for unknown reasons. Now though there seem to be quite a few indicators that things might be on the mend.

5SOS guitarist Michael Clifford recently celebrated his twenty-fourth birthday by renting out a cabin in the snowy Utah Mountains. Multiple pictures have surfaced that show the women of Revelry, including Fallon, were on the trip. Fans were even able to freeze a video posted to the band's Instagram that appears to show the two looking quite loved up in the background.

As if that wasn't enough to get the 5SOS faithful riled up there seems to have been a rather sudden shift in mood for Fallon during performances. Where for most of this tour fans had made comments about her lackluster and sad effort, she left the stage on at least one occasion due to becoming overwhelmed by emotion, now there has been a dramatic shift. Fans who attended the most recent stop of the Fight So Dirty Tour reported a happy Fallon appearing to be at her best as she hammed it up with her bandmates. Our sources also reported that Fallon showed no signs of sadness as she sang "The Only Exception," the song she notoriously penned for Hood during their relationship. The song had proven difficult for her in previous performances.

Lastly, many fans were surprised when Revelry switched the cover they performed from "Dancing with a Stranger" by Normani and Sam Smith for one of "Love You For A Long Time" by Maggie Rogers. The previous had reportedly been a dig at Hood's band who covered the song soon after the Falum breakup that many believed revealed some of the details of the aforementioned split. The switch to a new love song some believe may signal a change in dynamic between Hood and Harding.

So what do you guys think? Is Falum back together? Are all of these things mere coincidences? Let us know in the comments!

An: So all seems well.

Fallon picking a new cover?

Them being a bit risky with their public actions?

The article?

I'd love to hear your thoughts and guesses about what happens next!

Sav 🖤

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