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"Alright mates," Calum said, rising to his feet as his eyes met all of his bandmates. "Gonna call it a night. Happy Birthday, Mike. Love you."

Luke and Micheal both responded but Ashton gave only a small nod. Still it was progress.

Everyone else had long since gone to bed. He and the boys had stayed up for a few beers and some time together just the four of them that they hadn't had in far too long. It wasn't a bad thing that there were always others around. Occasionally it was nice however, for it to just be the four of them.

Fallon and his bed were calling to him though so Calum padded down the hall to the room he and his girlfriend had claimed, slipping through the partially open door and sliding out of his jeans. He had to get a new pair soon, Fallon had given him hell for the holes in those ones.

"You awake, doll?" He asked into the dark as he blinked his eyes fighting to adjust to the dim lighting.

"No." She said back and he chuckled.

"Ahh, so she speaks in her sleep now."

She groaned and he heard her flip over on the mattress. He smirked and pulled his shirt over his head as he slid between the sheets and moved until his body was pressed against hers.

The fabric around him was cool but Fallon's body was radiating heat as he slid his arms beneath the hem of the t-shirt that, had once been his, she wore to bed.

He kissed across the fabric that covered the top of her back, trailing his way up her neck to her hairline and then across her cheek, hovering over her ear where he allowed his hot breath to warm her skin as he whispered. "You sure you're asleep, darling?"


Fallon hadn't been feeling especially frisky, but then Calum had crawled into bed behind her and pressed himself against her so that she could feel just how awake he really was and her body had betrayed her.

Her panties were instantly dripping and her heart was thundering within her rib cage. It was a bit infuriating how easily he could make her want him. It wasn't fair that when he was around it was like she had no control over her own body and she wanted to do something about it.

"No." She said bluntly as he reached for the bottom of her t-shirt. She rolled over and took him by surprise as she positioned herself on top of him, the heat from between her thighs radiating onto his stomach where she hovered. "I'll do it."

Her eyes had long since adjusted to the light from the full moon outside that seeped through the thin curtains and she watched at his throat tightened and his Adam's apple bobbed beneath the surface of his perfectly tanned skin. He met her eyes, the shadows of the night doing little to conceal the desire they held as Fallon pulled the shirt from her body and exposed herself to him.

It was as if on instinct Calum reached out to grab for her breasts but she caught his hands mid-air and held them in the halfway space between them. "No. You do what I say, and only what I say. That's how this works, got it?"

Calum's eyes widened in surprise and Fallon knew she had caught him off guard. This wasn't her usual tactic. She liked when he was in control, she liked when he bossed her around in bed. But this night was different. She had been feeling like so many things in her life were slipping beyond her control but this, this she could do. She could bend Calum to her will for once in bed and she would love every fucking minute of it.

She dug her knees into the mattress and grinded her hips against him. He gasped and she knew he could feel the desire that was soaking through her undergarments, the only remaining fabric she wore. 

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