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For the first time since setting out on tour all the members of both Revely and 5SOS were eating dinner together. Fallon wasn't quite sure who had suggested the outing but management had eaten it up and not given any of them a choice in the matter.

Both she and Calum had worried about being around each other in such a setting considering that none of their friends had been made aware of the complete one-eighty that had occurred in their relationship. For all their bandmates knew, Calum and Fallon still hated each other and until they knew themselves what they wanted from the future neither of them was exactly keen on changing that mindset for them.

Thankfully, because everyone expected them to be unable to be civil with each other they were seated on opposite sides and ends of the long table that their group had been led to in the restaurant. The distance that separated them prevented them from being forced to talk, something Fallon was sure would give them away, but it didn't stop the longing looks that Calum was shooting her way. She got it, she did. It was what should have been another big day for them, two years since the day he had worked up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend.

If anyone else remembered the date's significance they didn't say anything.

Fallon double checked to make sure that everyone around her was occupied with their conversations and food before she dug her phone out of the small black leather bag she had brought with her and pulled up Calum's contact.

If you keep looking at me like that E will notice.

She bit her lip and put her phone on her lap, resuming eating her dinner. Calum sat up straighter in his chair at the other end of the table, she assumed it was from his phone buzzing in his pocket. It was almost always on vibrate.

It took a moment before her screen lit up with his reply.

Sorry. I just don't want today to go by uncelebrated. Boys are going out, I'm sure the girls will too. Meet me on the bus?

"We're at dinner bro, put your fucking phone away." Ashton said, his voice cutting through the rest of the table's conversations and drawing everyone's eyes to him and then to Calum who he was speaking to.

"Okay, dad." Calum joked, with a smile as he slid his phone back into his pocket and then showed his empty hands.

"Just saying, seems like the rare times I see you these days you're on your phone. You got some new secret girlfriend you're hiding from us?"

Calum nearly choked on his water and Ashton's face fell as he seemed to realize what he had just said and whose company they were in.

"Jesus, Ash." Luke hissed before turning to look at Fallon. That seemed to break some kind of spell and suddenly Fallon felt the weight of everyone at the table's stare, apart from Calum. He stared straight ahead, obviously uncomfortable by the turn the conversation had taken.

Fallon looked down at her plate and forced herself to swallow down the lump in her throat. Her plate was basically empty at this point and the awkward silence over the table was stifling so she pushed her chair back and cleared her throat. "Right, I think I'm gonna take a walk and head back to the bus. I'll see you all tomorrow." Ashton's comment had provided her the perfect excuse to skip out on the plans for later and she didn't want to waste the opportunity. No one would question her for leaving after that.


"It's fine." She promised, shooting Ashton a soft smile as he called after her. "I'm just tired."

She gave a small wave before she turned and disappeared out the door, thankful that management was covering the costs of dinner so she hadn't had to wait around for her check.

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