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Trigger Warning: If you have triggers please revisit the warnings given at the beginning of the book and then proceed cautiously with your mental health in mind.

The banging sound of someone knocking on the door of the tour bus was both loud and incessant. Muttered grumbles and groans sounded from the other bunks surrounding Calum as he climbed down from his own and muttered that he would get it before padding down the aisle towards the door.

He knew who would be outside so he grabbed a hoodie from the couch, pulling his beanie over his head as he slid into his shoes and stepped out into the cool morning breeze. He had to blink a few times to adjust to the sun's glare but once he had, he finally settled his gaze on her. Erin.

"We need to talk."

Calum thrust his hands deep into his sweatpants pockets and toed the gravel of the arena parking lot they'd only just arrived in, clearing his throat as he answered. "I know."

"Do you?"

He nodded because it was true. He did know. Part of him had been expecting this conversation since he had spoken to Fallon at all. To be honest, he had been surprised Erin hadn't confronted him following his little stunt of covering for Fallon on stage. And there definitely hadn't been a doubt in his mind this was coming when he and Fallon returned from their rooftop rendezvous the previous night to find Erin waiting outside the buses for them.

"Let's take a walk."

A sinking feeling of dread settled in Calum's stomach. While he had been expecting the conversation he wasn't completely sure there was any way he could have truly prepared himself for it. Still, he followed silently behind Erin as she led him into the arena where they would both be playing that night. The pair continued down a hallway until they located an empty room where they could speak without fear of being overheard.

It was like as soon as Calum crossed the threshold, he and Erin joined in the room by only an assortment of boxes, his mouth became as dry as a bone and he found himself desperately wishing for a glass of water.

"You guys aren't subtle you know?" She told him, her arms already crossed over her chest defensively as she spun to face him. Her green eyes were piercing and even though he had several inches on her height-wise, she made him feel tiny.

"I don't know what you're talking about." He said immediately, hoping that perhaps deflecting would work, even if he already subconsciously knew any hope of avoiding this conversation was a pipe dream.

"Cut the shit Calum."

"Okay, okay."  He said with his hands raised.

"The hickey the size of a fucking softball on her neck was a bit obvious."

His face paled in response. "I thought she was covering it with makeup?"

"Yeah, well I'm her sister. I've seen what her hickey coverup looks like and besides, she covered the mole on her neck with makeup trying to cover the bruise. It was obvious."

Calum swallowed down that information slowly.

"Look, I know you're not my biggest fan—"

"Hah. I wonder why?" She interrupted, her face scrunching in what could only be described as controlled disgust.

"But you have to understand Erin, we went through something that neither of us knew how to handle and I walked away because I thought time was what was best for us, in hindsight I still don't know that I was wrong."

Erin was quiet and with every beat of the heart within his chest Calum felt his nerves grow. "You don't know if you were wrong?" She repeated back to him the disdain for him clear in her voice and eyes.

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