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salt. honey. & teeth. by xblufire
salt. honey. & teeth.by Celestine Quias
poetry & prose | a collection of tales that blur from chaos to mindless babble. if you would read hard enough, you will scavenge small mercies and dappled sunlight fro...
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5sos Lyrics by x_joss5sos_x
5sos Lyricsby Jocelyn
THIS BOOK HAS ALL THE SONGS FROM CALM!!! A book of 5sos lyrics for when you're too lazy to google them I currently have all released songs with a few covers, if you have...
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❝ we're magnetic from the start, while the world is spinning round, round , round ❞ - or in which calum hood is afraid of falling in love - [calum hood x oc] [mostly soc...
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The Beautiful Dentist [Completed] by JadeTheWhale
The Beautiful Dentist [Completed]by ✪ Jädë ✪
Lola Quinton has been scared of the dentist her whole life. But when her mouth begins to hurt she decides it's finally time for her to go. However, she finds that going...
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Different Sides ⌱ Sam Winchester  by Sweet_Sydney14
Different Sides ⌱ Sam Winchester by Sweet_Sydney14
"I don't get it." Ava huffed as she threw her hands in the air. "Don't get what?" Sam asked. "I'm supposed to be hunting you. I mean, you're the...
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The Challenge | BOOK 2 by distantfalcon
The Challenge | BOOK 2by Miss Paige
Alison Grey never thought her world would turn into a life of love and war. After escaping from Henry's imprisonment with a new friend, Alison realises that she can't j...
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Bite || kmg × jww by taesthetic_ish
Bite || kmg × jwwby city lights
Mingyu likes to bite things. Including his best friend.
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The Lost Salvatore {Elijah Love Story} by xAikox
The Lost Salvatore {Elijah Love St...by xAikox
Nicolette Salvatore's' family is dead and buried and she's all alone in the world. Until a family friend tracks some mysterious living relatives down to a town called My...
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Blue Eyes // l.h. by hiitssisi
Blue Eyes // l.h.by sisi
"Why are his eyes still blue?" "He's the alpha" "And where's his mate?" "I think I'm looking at her." - Lavender 's mind is comp...
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Red vs Blue x Reader One-Shots/Scenarios/Imagines [Book III] by MexicanCarolina
Red vs Blue x Reader One-Shots/Sce...by Karen Rocha
Third book of my Red vs Blue x Reader, here you can find any kind of One-Shot, Scenario, Imagine or even Song-Fic you may like with any character of the popular webserie...
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Dance With Me (Niall Horan) by HoranAteMe
Dance With Me (Niall Horan)by izzy
Lennox had been dancing since she was 5. But when you lose your spark for something you used to enjoy, will you ever get over it? When Lennox begins to crumble Niall Hor...
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The Vampire Boy next door *Rewritten* by monique0912345
The Vampire Boy next door *Rewritt...by Monique
So I have decided to rewrite this story based on my previous one written accept I will be changing some things in this story. Isabella has courage and a heart big enou...
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Skin and Teeth  by anastatiaaa
Skin and Teeth by ♔
Do you hear that? The crows are whispering... Its nature against skin. Isaiah is taken and claimed as tribute by a pack that considers him an abomination. The kassandr...
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As We Are by Sabrina_Rose4841
As We Areby Sabrina
(Foster Care/High School AU) Geoff and Griffon Ramsey always wanted to start a family, but after numerous failures, Geoff came up with the idea of opening up their home...
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RWBY One Shots; Girl Reader Insert ONLY by ShadowRae
RWBY One Shots; Girl Reader Insert...by Rae Rae
I made this because I love RWBY, and I love the characters(Except Cardin). You can request ships like Bumbleby or Seamonkeys. I of course will do reader inserts, I prefe...
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Hello everyone! Long story short: My teeth aren't as nice and healthy as they should be. I always try to hide them and yep... that's bothering as hell. BUT!!! I decided...
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Vamp Stamp by LiztheZombie
Vamp Stampby LiztheZombie
A party that was suppose to be semi-fun turned horrid. Or terrible, gory, bloody, etc. That night fits all of those words. Before they could kill Arielle, a very beautif...
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Adopted by a dentist  by katiecookiemillie
Adopted by a dentist by katiecookiemillie
My name is Xavier Torres and I Grew up in a foster since I was 1 year old. My mom was a teenager when she had me she got pregnant by a high schooler. She didn't have any...
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Dr. Styles by LouisAbdomen
Dr. Stylesby L O U I S
Louis starts going to see a new dentist. He is use to dentist loving him for his amazing teeth but this one seems to just love him, everything about him, but especially...
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Teeth by CheleCooke
Teethby Chele Cooke
Being dead just got complicated. Spencer's life began after his death. Being a vampire is better than any teen flick made it out to be. After all, what's not to like? He...
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