Red vs Blue Oneshots by agent-washingtub
Red vs Blue Oneshotsby agent-washingtub
just a bunch of rvb oneshots (reader inserts and ships) got any requests? leave a comment! got any prompts? leave a comment! OCs are allowed! ~warning: may be some le...
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RWBY One Shots; Girl Reader Insert ONLY by MadQueenMax
RWBY One Shots; Girl Reader Insert...by Depressed
I made this because I love RWBY, and I love the characters(Except Cardin). You can request ships like Bumbleby or Seamonkeys. I of course will do reader inserts, I prefe...
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Summer Nights || Camp Camp (David X Reader) by nebusagi
Summer Nights || Camp Camp (David...by Nebusa
You've never been much of a camper. Cold nights, hard floors and bugs (especially bugs) made these experiences rather displeasing in the past. Because of that you were...
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The Angel That Fell For Hell by ANONYMOUSwriter_631
The Angel That Fell For Hellby ANONYMOUSwriter_631
"I do not bow. Others bow down before me" She's always been different, contradicting the expectations that weighed her down as much as her sins. She's dominant...
  • coldhearted
  • manurios
  • teenromance
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water under the bridge - poetry by overweights
water under the bridge - poetryby anna
dear diary, i'm so in love, it's painful. just kidding. i haven't touched another human in years!
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Sex School   by hfienrhiskdnf
Sex School by Sofia Chacon-Martinez
Sofia is a 13 year old that got sent to a sex school after a year of trying to do the best she is sold to a man is she going to be ok?
  • teeth
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Tidal Wave by dogpower77
Tidal Waveby dogpower77
Everyone knows the story- Bella the human, meets Edward the vampire. How he thirsts for her blood, and they fall in love. But what if Bella wasn't human? What if she was...
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Toughen Up. (Max x Reader) by TheRavioliDuo
Toughen Up. (Max x Reader)by Jim and Kat
When Max gets taken by the Woodscouts instead of Jermy, he is forced to become just like them. When Edward Pikeman choses YN to show him the ways of the Woodscouts, will...
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Hello everyone! Long story short: My teeth aren't as nice and healthy as they should be. I always try to hide them and yep... that's bothering as hell. BUT!!! I decided...
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The Dolan Twins got Braces by hadleyminx
The Dolan Twins got Bracesby Hadleyminx
  • girlfriend
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The Reborn by Willstar1V
The Rebornby ☆Wilbert G☆
This story takes place in London 1852 James a Man with Everything Life can offer " Power, Money, Love, Respect" Loses Everything because of a Debacle Incident...
  • richfamily
  • bloodthirsty
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Max x Reader (Camp Camp) by Friskgoesmeow
Max x Reader (Camp Camp)by Friskgoesmeow
You wake up from your alarm clock. School is over so you're happy you don't do anything.. Just rest alll day. I just need to change my alarm clock first. Your mom then s...
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Waiting for my Mate by XxNightStripexX
Waiting for my Mateby XxNightStripexX
Writing Prompt from my friend: Sara leaves Germany to travel around the world, when she arrives in Presque Isle, Maine the Abenki tribe wolves attack her. Saved by Garre...
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What can you Achieve? (AH x female reader one shots) by KingHoseokkie
What can you Achieve? (AH x female...by YoonSeokQueen
All in the title! Open the book for more info, though!
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Cow Chop One Shots and Imagines by cancerkings
Cow Chop One Shots and Imaginesby :}
quick little imagines and one shots from the cow chop crew!
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A Neko At A Vampire Academy by honey_lemon_drops1
A Neko At A Vampire Academyby honey_lemon_drops1
"You wanna know what I think?" Cross whispered. I shook my head no. "I think you're a cute little kitty." He smirked. I looked away from him but he g...
  • blood
  • teenromance
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Camp Camp Falls Falls by MattySeptiplierTale
Camp Camp Falls Fallsby Matty
After Camp Campbell is shut down for the rest of the summer due to health problems at Lake Lilac, the children, counselors, and Quartermaster are moved to the secondary...
  • camp
  • crossover
  • falls
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Gyro's Weird Quest by Sarquadious
Gyro's Weird Questby Sarquadious
Read about Gyro stop the Dark Lord from bullying people with his teacher and pals Mr. Keemstar, Johnny Johnny and Jimmy Neutron and the Power of Anti-Bullying.
  • retarded
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My Perfect Teeth [Wattpad Fright Contest Winner] by DriveInHorrorshow
My Perfect Teeth [Wattpad Fright C...by Drive-In Horrorshow
A dentist has finished his finest creation: rotten, disgusting dentures. And his patients will never be the same. A winner of Wattpad's 500 word "No Pearly-whites H...
  • dentist
  • contest
  • horror
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teeth daddy x reader by syndonicgoddess
teeth daddy x readerby qxwcrvgb
You have always had trouble with cavities. Recently, you have found a new dentist. Today will be your first ~sexy~ appointment.
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