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The Beautiful Dentist [Completed] by JadeTheWhale
The Beautiful Dentist [Completed]by ✪ Jädë ✪
Lola Quinton has been scared of the dentist her whole life. But when her mouth begins to hurt she decides it's finally time for her to go. However, she finds that going...
  • braces
  • doctor
  • brendon
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Bite || kmg × jww by taesthetic_ish
Bite || kmg × jwwby city lights
Mingyu likes to bite things. Including his best friend.
  • yaoi
  • wonwoo
  • biting
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1. | She-Wolf ↠ Stiles Stilinski by -castianity
1. | She-Wolf ↠ Stiles Stilinskiby -castianity
|Alexandria Hale; Book 1| ❝I was caught in the headlights.❞ Alexandria Santos was an ordinary 16 year old girl. She was a sarcastic, smart ass and never listened to...
  • jacksonwhittemore
  • fanfiction
  • peterhale
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Red vs Blue Oneshots by agent-washingtub
Red vs Blue Oneshotsby agent-washingtub
just a bunch of rvb oneshots (reader inserts and ships) got any requests? leave a comment! got any prompts? leave a comment! OCs are allowed! ~warning: may be some le...
  • reds
  • roosterteeth
  • fanfiction
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1v6 || ryan haywood/bm vagabond x oc {ah & fake ah crew au} by leeowl
1v6 || ryan haywood/bm vagabond Owl
Ellie Hayse is Achievement Hunter's new hire--a young assistant to help them become more efficient. She easily favors Ryan, having somewhat of a prior connection to him...
  • ryanhaywood
  • achievementhunter
  • ryan
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Vamp Stamp by LiztheZombie
Vamp Stampby The Walk of Gay
A party that was suppose to be semi-fun turned horrid. Or terrible, gory, bloody, etc. That night fits all of those words. Before they could kill Arielle, a very beautif...
  • knight
  • fiction
  • assassin
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Hello everyone! Long story short: My teeth aren't as nice and healthy as they should be. I always try to hide them and yep... that's bothering as hell. BUT!!! I decided...
  • dentist
  • doctor
  • decay
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Mated With A  Vampire by HubbleBubble32
Mated With A Vampireby ✌Hubble-Bubble-Girl
"Your mine love, their is no way you gonna leave me. Besides, were mates. And you'll know the consequences when you leave a mate" He said cupping my cheek with...
  • vote
  • trust
  • mated
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Waiting for my Mate by XxNightStripexX
Waiting for my Mateby XxNightStripexX
Writing Prompt from my friend: Sara leaves Germany to travel around the world, when she arrives in Presque Isle, Maine the Abenki tribe wolves attack her. Saved by Garre...
  • sleep
  • ocean
  • shark
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Marked by Kody_Maginnis
Markedby ↗↗K o d y↖↖
Werewolves perished long long ago. This world is full of fantasy, but also humans. There have been rumors that there are werewolves still alive, and that one goes to my...
  • werewolf
  • marked
  • mark
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Brush Up by jadannpace
Brush Upby jadann
"Hello there, this is Gordon Town Dentistry, my name is Jaxson, how may I help you?" "Why do all the dentists sound so hot?" "Exscuse me?&qu...
  • dentist
  • phone
  • completed
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RWBY One Shots; Girl Reader Insert ONLY by MadQueenMax
RWBY One Shots; Girl Reader Depressed
I made this because I love RWBY, and I love the characters(Except Cardin). You can request ships like Bumbleby or Seamonkeys. I of course will do reader inserts, I prefe...
  • faunus
  • rwby
  • jnpr
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Sebastian Keath Is A Werewolf by teddybear_child
Sebastian Keath Is A Werewolfby Taffy
Tyler is an only child, sweet, charming and slightly weird with one friend: Her phone. She's in the shadows, hiding from everything going on in school, trying to stay o...
  • badboygoodgirl
  • omega
  • nerd
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Tidal Wave by dogpower77
Tidal Waveby dogpower77
Everyone knows the story- Bella the human, meets Edward the vampire. How he thirsts for her blood, and they fall in love. But what if Bella wasn't human? What if she was...
  • vampire
  • cullens
  • bella
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In the shadows by Ashleymka8
In the shadowsby Ashley Mkandla
Running fast through the trees, feeling free as the wind brushes through your fur, watching everything pass by with speed as you go, listening to the loud beats of your...
  • dreams
  • daughter
  • wedding
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Jin,My Dentist by AwwTingTing
Jin,My Dentistby TINGTING
Ugh. My stupid tooth hurts. My roommate Hoseok is telling me to go the dentist, but to be honest, I'm scared of the dentist. I know right, I'm 23 and afraid of a tooth d...
  • j-hope
  • teeth
  • romance
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transformer on remnant by kieron0103
transformer on remnantby the doctor
i do not own RWBY or transformers and RWBY is own by rooster teeth and transformers by Hasbro
  • rwby
  • crossover
  • romance
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100 Reasons I Hate Having Braces by ty_tyla
100 Reasons I Hate Having Bracesby Tyla ❤
Beauty hurts, literally
  • braces
  • funny
  • teeth
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Edward Scissorhands x Reader Lemon by topquality
Edward Scissorhands x Reader Lemonby jocelyn
i haven't watched the movie at all
  • amiright
  • teeth
  • lmaoudie
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Vampire verse x multiple breed reader by shy-softflower
Vampire verse x multiple breed
Y/n has been abused when she was separated from her family when she 6 she is now 17 in a half she's a breed of a vampire fruit bat,neko,wolf,dragon,angle,demon,skeleton...
  • kindness
  • teeth
  • glowing
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