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Never in his life did Calum think he would ever be thankful for the absolute spiral that Luke had been through after his breakup before he had gotten together with Sierra. That spiral however was when he had developed his friendship with Revelry's party girl, Wesley. It was that friendship that was the reason he currently had an address to give to the cab driver as he and the other boys piled into the car. They had been planning on going out that night anyways and had been in the midst of their pregame when Fallon had called. He hadn't offered them much in the way of an explanation other than she was drunk and they were going to get her. None of them seemed willing to argue.

Calum's knee bounced, his heel hitting the carpet of the car floor and creating a tapping noise. He was getting a look of death from Ashton for it and it was even irritating him but he couldn't make it stop.

"Bro chill." Luke said, clamping his hand onto Calum's knee and bringing the incessant tapping to a stop.

"I can't. She called me."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, of all the people in her phone she could have drunk dialed, she called me. It has to mean something, right?"

"Cal, man, I dunno if you should get your hopes up." Michael said, his head rolling to the side so that he could look at the man he was addressing.

"How could I not?" He asked. "I thought..." he started, shaking his head as if to dismiss his thoughts.

"You thought what?" Luke pried.

"I thought she hated me."

"Why would she hate you?" Ashton asked gently.

Calum sighed, he had danced around the issue so many times. He was tired of their same old complaints about not knowing the circumstances that had surrounded his break up with Fallon and he was just drunk enough that he could formulate a way to let them in to part of it without revealing anything too personal.

"She has every right to. I promised her forever and then when she needed me most I just...left."

The car was quiet as his words settled around them. He fixed his gaze on the floor, dragging the toe of his shoe across the grey carpet as he waited for someone to speak.

Before any of the boys could offer up a response they arrived at the club. There was a line out front but they weren't made to wait. Instead, they were shown to a side door VIP entrance. Once inside, Calum made a beeline for the bar. Any trace of the alcohol he had racing through his system had disappeared with his admission to the boys. He had never felt more sober, and in order to face Fallon he needed the courage of at least a few drinks. He knocked back a Jack and coke as Ashton took a seat on the bar stool beside him.

"You got sent to babysit?" He asked as he raised his hand in order to get the bartender's attention for another drink.

"Pretty much." Ash replied, tapping his fingers against the wooden top of the bar.

"It's a bit hypocritical don't you think? You giving me shit for my mess with Fallon when you and KayKay aren't doing too hot either."

"Geez, mate. That's a bit of a low blow don't you think?"

"After the shit you and the boys have said to me? Not really."

"Kay just wants commitment and I don't know that I want to be committed." Ashton shrugged. Calum lifted his new drink and took a long sip.

"Well, take some advice from someone who's been in your shoes. If you love her and the options are to be committed or walk away, don't walk away."

He finished off his second drink and pushed back from the bar, offering Ashton a slight nod before he turned away and finally set off in search of Fallon. The club was separated into several rooms so it was a few minutes before he finally spotted her. Calum didn't know what he had been expecting to find but whatever it had been wasn't a smiling, nearly giddy looking Fallon dancing with another man.

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