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February 2019

The rain outside of Fallon Harding's apartment beat heavily against the rooftop, almost loud enough to cover the sound of her racing heart inside her chest as she turned away from Calum to watch the droplets fall.

"Am I crazy for thinking it might be what's best for us, Fal?"

He meant their breakup.

That's why he was there. In her apartment at six p.m. on a Tuesday that until he had showed up, looking devastatingly handsome and yet incredibly disheveled, had felt like any other. Or at least any other these days. They all blurred together.

"I don't know how to answer that." She replied. Her voice shook and she wouldn't have recognized it as her own if she hadn't been able to feel the words as they escaped her.

"Come on, Fal. You and I both know we aren't okay. It's not either of our faults but it's true. Things are different now, we aren't who we were anymore and I hate this."

"I hate it too." She sobbed as she turned back to him, tear tracks staining her face. His eyes were soft and kind and yet his words were completely breaking her apart. How had they gotten to this point? They'd been so good, so perfect, so right, for so long. The tabloids of the past year were full of their pictures, wide grins and a love that was so easy to see it was nearly sickening.

Especially since now it was falling apart, shattering like glass and leaving them broken into a million tiny pieces.

"I think we need some time, Fal. I know I need some time at least and we're usually on the same page. Just, everything—all this hurt— is so fresh and I don't want to blame you. I don't blame you. Maybe if we took some time apart, we could get past it all."

Fallon knew what she wanted to say to him, or more accurately what she wanted to scream at him. Why did they need time apart to figure things out? Why couldn't they go through this together like they had every other challenge they had faced together. Their touring schedules, her jealousy, his codependence, they'd learned how to be together, how to be what the other needed so that they were both fully fulfilled and now he just wanted to throw in the towel?

"I need you." She said honestly, her lower lip quivering as another tear slid down her cheek.

A tear of his own fell as he lowered his head and tightly shut his eyes.

"Fal, I can't be what you need right now. If we try to force it we'll end up resenting each other and I can't watch you fall out of love with me. The pain would fucking kill me."

"And this isn't?" Her anger flared.

He looked hurt, like a kicked puppy, as he took in her words but he refused to even meet her eyes. Instead his chocolate gaze stayed fixated on the wall behind her as he swallowed down the lump in his throat.

"You know it is, Fal." His words were soft and broken, enough to completely rip anything left of her heart to shreds. A sob wracked her body.

"Then why are you doing it?"

"Neither of us are in a good headspace for this right now. It's been a month and nothing has changed. Time apart will let us process everything, it'll let us heal. Look, the boys and I are being shipped around for promo the next few months, your bands recording and I know how stressed you get with deadlines. I think we need to focus on those things and then re-evaluate in a few months once things calm down again."

"Sounds like your mind is made up. You know where the door is."

She turned away from him again and returned her attention to the still falling rain. The gloomy weather was the perfect backdrop for her heartbreak.

"Fallon, please just look at me..."

"I can't." She said flatly. "Just go."

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