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An: There will be smut. This will be the only warning for the rest of the book. -Sav

"Where does your sister think you are?" Calum asked as he took a seat at the two person table Fallon had gotten for them in the small cafe and slid her tea across the table to her.

"Just around." She said as she blew air across the top of her drink in an attempt to cool it down before taking a sip. "Told her I wasn't feeling up to the whole group thing today."

"I told the boys nearly the same." His hands rose to bring his mug closer to his lips. She watched as they parted just enough to sip at the hot liquid, her body clenching as she stared at him a beat too long.

Well, that was embarrassing.

She took another sip, holding the steaming cup in front of her face, the sleeves of her sweater covering her hands as she tried to hide the red tinge of her cheeks behind the mug.

"How long do you think we can keep telling them stuff like that before they figure out something's up?"

"Honestly?" She chuckled, "A while. I love them dearly but our friends are a bit dense sometimes."

He gave a loud and honest laugh as he nodded to agree with her. "You're probably not wrong. Your sister can sniff out trouble from a mile away though."

"Is there trouble?" She asked hesitantly?

" 'm not totally sure if I'm being completely honest. I feel like we maybe turned a corner today though." He offered softly. "I mean, we're sitting here having a conversation and I don't feel like my chest is about to explode, you're not crying or yelling at me."

"I really needed someone today, Cal...I can't thank you enough for being here for me, I'm not sure I could have gotten through it alone."

"You would have been fine, Fal. You're so much stronger than you give yourself credit for, but I'm thankful you came to me, that you let me try to make today less awful."

Their conversation continued until their mugs had been emptied and for a while after even that. It was a bit like catching up with an old friend and though previously every word she had spoken to Calum had caused her pain, now there was a sort of comfort from his presence and his voice.

The comfortable feeling didn't dissipate as they left the cafe and climbed into the back of a cab, nor as Calum slid his hand across the fabric of the back seat and took her hand in his.

Their heads turned simultaneously, a million words filling the silent void between them as Calum's eyes went to her lips and then drifted back up, undeniable tension filled the air as his whole torso leaned in towards her. Just as their lips began to brush she reeled back.

"Cal!" She gasped.

His eyes widened, his silent question clear.

"I just think we should wait until we're somewhere a bit more private." She said under her breath. Calum glanced around at the crowded sidewalks, their taxi all but stopped in traffic, and seemed to only then realize what she meant. He gave a slight nod and squeezed her hand, already incapable of letting go.

Their car dropped them off a few blocks from the hotel, each of them taking a unique route in order to lessen the chances of being seen. Not having Fallon by his side while he struggled to process the day's emotions was rough and though he tried to keep a leisurely pace he still found himself in his hotel room first, even after stopping to greet some fans.

As half an hour dragged past he began to worry that she had changed her mind. That they weren't on the same page and she had decided to leave him hanging. Just as he reached for his phone to call her though there was a knock at the door. The familiar syncopated rhythm she always used that brought a smile to his face as he stood and made the short walk across the room.

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