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Trigger Warning: Please consult the warning at the beginning of this book and then proceed with your mental health in mind.

Fallon loved her older sister. More than once in her life Erin had literally been the one to save her but that didn't mean that she always had to like her. Immediately following her talk with Calum, Fallon had been too emotional to really comprehend what had transpired between him and her sister. Now, after a full sleepless night of thinking through the recent events of her life her anger was raging.

Rationally, Fallon understood that perhaps her sister felt compelled to tell Calum about her suicide attempt in an effort to protect her. She admitted that her mental health was probably something that Calum should know about, especially if there was even an inkling of hope of them getting back together but she should have at least been given the option to tell him herself. The fact that Erin had taken it upon herself and thus stolen away that opportunity from Fallon was what was really bugging her.

She hopped down from her bunk and walked the few steps to the front lounge, not completely surprised to find Chayse laid across the couch watching television as the waking American midwest passed by outside the window.


"Hey Chayse." She greeted, opening the refrigerator and pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

"You're up early." The dark haired girl commented.

"So are you."

"Yeah, but I've always been an early riser. Something bothering you?"

Fallon wrestled with the decision of cluing in her friend for a moment before finally deciding that she had enough secrets from her band, she didn't need another.

"Erin told Calum about my attempt." Chayse's eyes widened but she kept her mouth closed.

Truthfully Fallon was glad it was Chayse that was awake. Of all the girls she was the most likely to get Fallon to be rational about the whole thing and really, the pink haired girl did need someone to confide in.

"How did that make you feel?"

"What," Fallon said with a small smile, "you my therapist now?"

"Just your friend." Chayse's words were sincere, they always were. That was one of the things Fallon loved most about her.

"I don't know, I guess it makes me feel angry. Like she took something from me by telling him."

"And how do you plan to let go of that anger?"

"If I say that I want to slap my sister I know you'll just tell me to find a better outlet for my frustrations."

"Yes, you would be correct." Chayse confirmed.

"Right, so I won't say that."

"Why do you think she told him?"

Fallon sighed, she could tell that Chayse was hoping to get her to think rationally but she didn't want to be rational. She wanted to be annoyed and immature. She wanted to lash out but still she groaned out. "I guess she was trying to look out for me."

"You're right. I was."

Fallon whipped her head around to find Erin standing in the hall of the bus that led to the bunks. Her arms were crossed over her chest and she looked both irritated and perturbed.

"Everyone's just up early today." Chayse said, hoping to diffuse the tension.

"Big mouth over there is loud as fuck. If Wesley wasn't someone who could sleep through the world ending she would be up too."

"I think I'm just gonna.." Chayse let her words die off as she stood and slipped around Erin, retreating to somewhere far away from the coming feud of the Harding sisters.

"Is there something you wanted to say to me?" Erin asked pointedly. Her tone and demeanor relit the anger Fallon had previously felt. Now she didn't give a fuck if there was anything right about what Erin had done. She wouldn't be admitting that unless there was some kind of serious torture involved.

"Yeah...yeah, there is actually." She said, narrowing her eyes and letting her voice air on the edge of sarcastic. "Who the fuck gave you the right to tell Calum anything?"

Clearly Fallon's words weren't what Erin had been expecting and the smug smirk that had been on her face was quickly wiped away and replaced with a stunned look of outrage.

"I'm your fucking sister. I was trying to protect you."

"No. If you really wanted to protect me you'd have talked to me. This had nothing to do with me and everything to do with your dislike for Calum which we all know is just because you are so fucking jealous of me."

Erin's eyes flew open, obvious disbelief on her face as she snorted her voice rising as she replied. "Jealous? Of you? Who the fuck would be jealous of you?"

"Oh give it up, Erin. You couldn't stand that Calum and I found each other. It burned you up inside that someone would go for me and not you. Blame it on his reputation or career or whatever all you want but what this really comes down to is that you couldn't handle the fact that for once in your blasted life someone wanted me over you."

"That's bullshit." The older girl spat. "All I've ever done was try to look out for you."

"Don't lie." Fallon said pointedly, sounding every bit as menacing and petty as she was being. "Besides what were you trying to protect me from? Love? As if you would know anything about the topic. You've had what, one boyfriend ever? Having a parade of men come through your life who fawn over you but never actually letting anyone in isn't anything to be proud of. It just shows that you're scared. I don't live my life like that, you can't force me to be like you by trying to ruin my relationship."

"You don't have a relationship!" Erin screamed.

"And you fucking made sure of that, didn't you?"

The girls silently stared at each other for a moment before Fallon spoke again. "Calum loved me, he still loves me and that burns you up inside because you are so fucking terrified to love anyone. You thought that exposing me would send him running but the connection between us? I believe in it now more than ever. You can try to fuck things up for me but I'm on to you."

"You have no idea what you're talking about." Erin seethed, her eyes so dark they were nearly black from rage. "He's not right for you, Fallon. He broke your heart."

"That's not for you to decide!" She snapped back, growing exasperated by the entirety of this argument. "Just do me a favor and stay the fuck out of my life." Fallon waited for her words to hit, watched the visible recoil from her sister and then she turned on her heel and walked to the back of the bus. She passed by Chayse, and a freshly awoken Wesley, who had clearly been eavesdropping, as she moved to the back of the bus. She slammed the door to the back lounge closed and locked it before she fell onto the couch and hot angry tears raced down her cheeks.

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