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It wasn't that Calum didn't want to dance with Fallon. He really fucking wanted to dance with Fallon. He knew that as soon as they got on the dance floor though he would immediately cease thinking with the head on his shoulders.

He was still confused, still completely mentally unavailable, but he couldn't turn her down when she gave him the heartbroken face and slipped her hand in his. His eyes darted around the room as she pulled him through the crowd until there was room for them. Turning so that she was pressed against him before she began to move.

Fuck, he had forgotten how good of a dancer she was. His teeth ground together and his jaw clenched as he tried to hold his complosure. He bit down on his lip so hard that he could taste the metallic tint of blood. His hands were at her waist as she moved to the beat and he held the threads of himself together.

Desperately, he looked over to the section where their bands and his mate's significant others were. Every set of eyes were watching him and Fallon as the group lined the small balcony, all curious as to what was going on. Hell, their guess was as good as his at this point.

He hated this.

Not dancing with Fallon. He loved that. He really fucking loved that. He hated not understanding his own thoughts and feelings. He loved her, or at least he thought he did. Before Erin had gotten in his head it was the one thing he had been completely, one-hundred percent sure of. Now he questioned if he actually loved her out of love, or out of obligation. It was the same thing that had had him hung up for weeks now but he just didn't seem to be having any success answering his own question.

Of course he could rattle off a grocery length list of things he adored about her but was it just because of the familiarity? Did he want to love her, to protect her so bad that he was forcing it? Love was supposed to be effortless and easy, right? Their relationship had been anything but, so did that mean it wasn't really love?

He had questions, so many, but he had just as few answers and dancing in the middle of a packed nightclub with hundreds of curiously lingering eyes wasn't doing him any favors.

His thoughts were interrupted when Fallon turned around. Her hands instantly rested on his neck as she pressed herself against him, her breath was hot on his face and he could smell the alcohol she had consumed, a sheen of sweat shone on her forehead as she moved. Her eyes bore straight through to his soul. She could tell that something was wrong and he knew it but he silently begged her not to ask and he was eternally grateful when she didn't.

What she did do was stare at him. Those big, gorgeous brown eyes of hers focused in and unwavering as she danced for him. It felt like a moment that should be had in private. Far too intimate for their very public location and then she began to lean in. He knew she was drunk, she would never dare do this especially in this particular setting if she weren't. Her eyes were half-lidded, her lips pursed and slightly parted and he knew he couldn't do it. He couldn't give in and kiss her. Not in that particular moment. No matter how badly he wanted to, he couldn't take advantage of her. Not like that.

"Fallon, no." He said, his large hands moving to grip her forearms and gently prying hers off of his neck. He took a small step back and his heart clenched in his chest when he saw the look on her face.


"We'll talk about this later." He said, tightly. The lump in his throat seemed to grow with every word that he spoke. Couldn't she just leave it alone?

"You always say that and we never do. Just... just fucking forget it." She spun on her heel and stormed back towards the rest of their group. His left hand rose and dragged down his face. Damnit. He really couldn't do anything right when it came to her could he?

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