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"Fuck Fal, you could at least put forth a little effort." Calum grumbled as he helped the pink haired girl from the car and into the hotel. He sent up a silent thankful prayer to whoever had kept them from being followed from the club. It was a modern day miracle that he had been able to get her out of there and tucked safely within the walls of the hotel without them being seen.

That was all they needed, another gossip blog theory on why they should be getting back together.

"Fallon, sweetheart, for Christ's sake, help me help you." He mumbled as he all but carried her to the elevator where he shared a look with the attendant before telling him their floor.

The ride up seemed to take years before finally there was a ding and Calum huffed, sweeping Fallon into his arms bridal style before he could overthink it.

He was just trying to get her into her bed.

"Fal, have you got your key?" He asked the girl in his arms, her eyes were heavy and her breathing even. Fuck.

"C'mon Fallon. Wake up. I've gotta get you in your room. Tell me where your key is then you can sleep."

He was met only with soft and quiet snores.

She didn't have a bag with her and if he remembered correctly her favorite place to store her items when she went out was in her bra. He didn't dare go feeling around in that though. Typically, he preferred if his hands remained attached to his body.

What the fuck was he supposed to do?

He shifted her in his arms so that he could grab his phone from his pocket and then searched through his contacts for Erin's number. It rang and rang with no answer. He repeated the process with Chayse and Wesley's to the same result.

He shut his eyes tightly and tried to think but instead his head just began to pound. Nothing was coming to mind and now he just wanted to figure something out.

The door to his own room was just down the hall, the key to it in his back pocket. He knew it was risky and probably down right stupid but his head had already begun to pound with the consequences of his night out and he had no better ideas so he made the short trip. Fallon was still in his arms as he opened the door to his hotel room and slipped inside.

He sat her down gently on top of the covers of the king size bed, her dress hiked up at her waist revealing her toned and tanned legs. He groaned and forced himself to look away. Doing his best to block out all the sinful thoughts swirling around in his head.

Fallon whined and rolled over on the bed, her eyes meeting his as she blinked, taking in her surroundings. "Cal?"

"Hey, you asked me to bring you back but then you fell asleep and I didn't know where your key was."

"Erin has it." She said, her lips smacking together as she adjusted her head on the hotel pillow.

"Do you want me to call the front desk and get someone to let you in? I couldn't get a hold of any of the girls."

"Too tired." She replied, her eyes already closing as a yawn ripped out of her.

"Hold on, don't go to sleep yet, do you want to get changed into something more comfortable at least?"

"Help me." She said, her eyes closed and her arms outstretched to him.

"Fal," He swallowed. "I don't know that that's the best idea."

"Nothing you haven't seen before." She smirked, peeking at him through one open eye.

"Yeah, but things are different now." He grabbed a shirt from his suitcase and placed it on the bed beside her. "I'm gonna take a quick shower so you'll have some privacy."

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