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Chayse Connel, Wesley Grant and Erin Harding all burst into Fallon's room looking completely out of breath. They'd all practically sprinted to her hotel room after receiving the S-O-S text Fallon had sent a few moments before.

"What's wrong?" All three of her bandmates asked simultaneously.

She didn't turn her head, just used her index finger to point to the items placed on the desk that had been delivered by the hotel staff, courtesy of one Mr. Calum T. Hood.

"Why am I looking at a box of coconut water after being woken up at eight AM on one of the very few days we get real beds and the opportunity to sleep in? With a massive fucking hangover, might I add." Wesley quipped.

No one spoke, Erin stood and walked over to the desk taking in all three items left there. The coconut water, ibuprofen, and cinnamon roll pancakes from Denny's. All her favorite hangover cures.

"He sent this?" Erin said, turning to face her sister who merely nodded.

"Fal, I get that's a little weird but I don't know that this really constitutes a 9-1-1 text and code red protocol."

"Shut up, Wesley." Chayse said, her annoyance out of character and Wes turned to her ready to bicker but noticing the look on Fallon's face, her lower lip pouted and her eyes glassy with tears not yet spilled.

"Fuck. Emotions. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Erin, fix it." She panicked.

Erin rolled her eyes at Wesley, they all loved her but she had the emotional intelligence of a brick wall.

"Are you sad?" Erin asked her, her arm slung around Fallon's shoulder, Fallon's head moving to rest against her big sister's.

"I don't know really." Fallon sniffled. "Last night just felt so...familiar. Too familiar. Then I wake up to this and now I'm just confused. He was the one that left me."

Dead silence filled the room. Fallon nor Calum had ever talked about their breakup and never before had Fallon admitted to them, or anyone for that matter, that he had been the one to end things.


"Don't" She said, holding her hand up. "I...I think I just need to be by myself. I'm sorry I got you all up and made you come up here."

"Fallon," Erin said, sadness and pity clear in her voice.

"I'll be fine by tonight, promise." She offered weakly, shrugging off her sister and standing, moving towards the door and holding it open for her and the two other members of her band.

The girls all looked at each other, desperate for something they could say to help their friend who was obviously experiencing a tidal wave of emotions but no one could come up with anything and so reluctantly they headed for the door.

"Call if you need me, okay? Promise me." Erin's eyes were stern and serious and Fallon wanted to roll her eyes but she understood her sister's concern so she merely nodded before ushering her out the door.

When she was gone and the door shut firmly behind her Fallon let out a sigh and turned so that her back was pressed against the door, sliding down until she was seated and slumping forward so that her head rested on her knees the gifts from Calum spread across the small desk directly in her line of view..

Was she sad?

That was the question Erin had asked her and she hadn't known an answer to tell her.

There was a part of her that was nostalgic, desperate to feel again the way she had felt the night before when she'd played beer pong. Like the past seven months were forgotten and things between her and Calum were still the same.

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