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Calum paid for his lunch and Fallon's with his own money. He pocketed the cash she had left behind with full intention of returning it to her discreetly at some point in the near future. He'd already ruined everything they had, he didn't need her to pay for his lunch and add more guilt to the pile he already felt where they were concerned.

He took his time making his way back to the hotel. A long walk had always been an easy way to help clear his head and the walk was aided by the cigarette he produced from his back pocket. Fallon had always hated that he smoked and he had managed to quit for a little while but that had been during their relationship. After the fact, he'd practically been chain smoking, only whittling his consumption down to a few a day recently.

His lungs filled with smoke as he took a drag, savoring the way it burned in his lungs. For a moment it made him feel like he was on fire, an accurate and literal representation for how he usually felt. He breathed out the smoke and trudged forward. He didn't know exactly where he was but he didn't have a set destination in mind. When he felt more like himself he could hail a cab or use his GPS to get back to the hotel. At the moment all he was thinking about was his need for nicotine and his need for a girl with bright pink hair, brown eyes, and a strong detest for him.

The sun had begun to set, the streets completely cast in shadows, by the time Calum wandered through the front door of the hotel his band was staying in. He hadn't completely recovered from his lunch with Fallon but his legs had begun to hurt and so he'd made his return. The timing was apparently ideal as he saw Luke, Michael, and Ashton all waiting in the lobby.

"What are you lot up to?"

"Gonna grab a bite. Wanna come?"

"Umm..." He had planned to seek solace in his room alone but he wasn't sure what further stewing in silence all alone could accomplish. He had been doing more of the same practically the whole day and so he nodded, joining his bandmates and heading out once their security showed.

Once they were loaded into the car Ashton turned to look at him. "Where've you been all day?"

"Just around." Calum replied vaguely, the shared looks between his friends not going unnoticed.

Ashton gave a pointed look and raised his eyebrows clearly expecting more from his best friend.

"I went out for lunch, ended up bumping into Fallon."

Luke snorted. "Christ, you just can't stay away can you?"

"What the fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"Just like, mate she's clearly looking for some space and you just keep pushing and pushing her. You can't force her to love you again." Had they not been in the car, or had the seating arrangements been different, Calum had zero doubts that Luke's remarks would have earned him a busted lip. Calum's fisted hand clenched at his side served as proof.

'"I'm not trying to force her to do anything." Calum bit back through gritted teeth. Outside the car window LED signs lit up the darkness as they moved surprisingly quickly through the city

"You might believe that but, just take it from someone who's been there."

"This isn't the same as it was for you." He snapped.

"Why's that?"

"Because we weren't fucking toxic!" Calum said incredulously.

"Calum, you ruined each other."

"She's not ruined." He said, his words firm and sure. Daring Luke to challenge him on that.

"Can you say the same about yourself?"

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