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Unanswered texts from Fallon still rested in Calum's phone. He didn't really have a reason for not responding to her. There was a desperate longing in his chest to see her and make things feel normal for himself again but he also had a desire to have the messy thoughts in his brain sorted when he did so.

Every time he sat, keen to work through everything that was plaguing him he could think only of the vacant look in her eyes that Erin had as she had told him of the aftermath of he and Fallon's breakup. If it wasn't her eyes that he thought of then it was Ashton's rage, his complete and total disapproval. There were a lot of things that he felt he and Fallon could be strong enough for, not having his practical family and her literal one's support? He wasn't sure that qualified as endurable.

It proved more challenging than he had expected, staying clear of the object of his affection when they were sharing a tour but he had managed it. Keeping it up for any length of time thought wasn't probable and he knew that. He would have to face the music sooner or later and his gut told him that it would be sooner rather than later.


Is It Easier To Stay, Is It Easier to go?

That's the lyric to one of the many Five Seconds of Summer songs reportedly written about girl group Revelry bassist, and 5SOS bassist Calum Hood's ex-girlfriend, Fallon Harding. It also seems to be a question the former couple may need to answer for themselves. The pair, both 23, infamously split in February of this year offering heartbroken Fallum shippers no explanation following a year and a half long relationship. Revelry is currently opening for 5SOS on the Fight So Dirty Tour and those same fans are feeling a glimmer of hope as a new photo of the pair walking hand in hand following one of their concerts has emerged. Our sources also tell us that fans have caught glimpses of a new tattoo on Calum's arm though, so far, no clear pictures have turned up, their is speculation that it involves a rose quite similar to the one on a certain pink haired bassists shoulder that all true fans know was Fallon's first tattoo. One gifted to her by none other than Mr. Hood himself.

Has the once beloved couple worked out their differences? Perhaps only time will tell!


Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck fuck. Fuck.

In all of his excitement at the chance or romancing Fallon again he had let down his guard and forgotten that the press existed and was always on the hunt for a headline. Suddenly he wished he had been more thoughtful and discreet during the night they had stolen away to the rooftop. At the very least he shouldn't have so openly held her hand in the street. The night had been dark and he hadn't noticed whoever had gotten the picture of them and so there was nothing to be done. Perhaps they could write it off as two people who had once known each other enjoying a trip down a road of memories. He doubted the paparazzi were naive to simply let this go though, especially with them having already established the connection to his tattoo.

Calum was so wrapped up in his own thoughts about the article that it didn't even occur to him that it was something that would have been seen by thousands already. That it would have been seen by his bandmates already. That is, until he walked into the green room in the arena and all of their eyes fell solely on him.

Luke and Micheal looked purely curious, the questions that failed to leave their lips—at least so far, shining through their eyes clearly. Ashton however, looked damn near enraged.

"Right, so...I take it you've all seen it then." He quipped as he stepped forward cautiously and took a seat next to Luke on the putrid green colored sofa.

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