Enter: The 1# Jutsu Weaver! (Book 1) [Naruto Fairy Tail Crossover Fanfic]

Enter: The 1# Jutsu Weaver! (Book 1) [Naruto Fairy Tail Crossover Fanfic]

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NOT DEAD YET!! By Balice66 Completed

Cassie Alessandra was just an average everyday high school student. WAS. Until she was supposedly killed by her school bully and thrown into a different world than her own. What world you may ask? The Naruto world, where 13-year olds play with knives and kill people. Just wonderful. But wait, why does she have a book full of Fairy tail spells? Fairy tail and Naruto crossover  DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN NARUTO OR FAIRY TAIL OR THE ART FOR THE COVER, I OWN ONLY MY OCS.

A cross dresser story.

(There's a second book, so when you finish this book feel free to go on to the second)

leena3xiumin leena3xiumin Nov 23, 2016
improved as in, she isn't the spawn of satan...she is satan? or that she is nicer?
Alicereadsalot7 Alicereadsalot7 Nov 17, 2016
I hate dresses. I will never wear wear them unless its a special occasion
Underfanz Underfanz Jan 30
Lol while the comments are saying "I relate" I'm over here saying "WTF SAKURA R U SURE THAT AINT YOU??!!!"
Underfanz Underfanz Jan 30
Dang I was about to say DUN DUN DUUUUUUN but someone beat me to it XD
Merpels Merpels Dec 22, 2016
I would have though she would get a 0.5 or something. Doesn't modern day teenager at least know how to defend themselves?