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The light to his darkness by Cookies_anime_bands
The light to his darknessby ダニア
After getting kicked out of team Natsu and ignored by the whole guild, Lucy Heartfilia began to take solo missions. She finds a job that attracted her a lot it looked ea...
  • sabertooth
  • natsu
  • natsudragneel
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Phoenix Fire || Fairy Tail [1] by -Rose_Fellia-
Phoenix Fire || Fairy Tail [1]by 𝕣𝕠𝕤𝕖 𝕗𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕚𝕒
HIGHEST RANKINGS: #2 in Assassin [04/12/2018] #19 in Anime [24/11/2018] #37 in Fairy Tail [23/11/2018] Warning: I know a lot of you are in this for the ships, so I'll le...
  • romance
  • fanfiction
  • rose
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The Tricksters Way Book 1: The Mortal Universe by JamieTully
The Tricksters Way Book 1: The Jamie Tully
In a world where at the age of 10, children are taken to Power Hall to be tested on whether they have Mana. There are 15 known powers: Strength, Speed, Stealth (Darkness...
  • demons
  • mages
  • hero
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Our Time (Book 3) [Naruto Fairy Tail Crossover Fanfic] by Balice66
Our Time (Book 3) [Naruto Fairy Slowly coming back
It was a time of war... Cassie was sent off to a island in Kumogakure with Naruto to be "safe". Do you think she'll be there for long? Or will she leave to fig...
  • kakashi
  • naruto
  • sakura
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Dragon Heir [Book 1] [Watty Award Winner 2012] by pmpanda
Dragon Heir [Book 1] [Watty Gem
There was a time when the king of the human world raged war between humans and dragonkind, forcing their rulers to seal the portal between both worlds and leave the one...
  • dragon
  • magic
  • dragons
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The Comeback of Heroes!!! (Book 2) [Naruto Fairy Tail Crossover Fanfic] by Balice66
The Comeback of Heroes!!! (Book 2) Slowly coming back
2 1/2 years since Cassie, or Ciel, has left Konoha for training. 4 years since she arrived in the Naruto dimension. She comes back to Konoha with Naruto, Keiko, and Ero...
  • balice66
  • naruto
  • ninjas
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Angel Wings by authorcat14
Angel Wingsby Geeves
Anahalians are the guardian angels whose purpose is to protect the human race from the treacherous vile monsters that spawn from the demon world. However two of these l...
  • demons
  • war
  • elves
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Dark Queen: The Cybelline Prophecies by dramatictealeaves
Dark Queen: The Cybelline dramatictealeaves
A 21st century covert ops agent, Cybelline found herself transported to a medieval world of magic and war without a clue of how she got there. Fine, she'll consider thi...
  • fairytale
  • fae
  • myths
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I Will Live A Good Life As The Villainess by SummerzSnow
I Will Live A Good Life As The SummerzSnow
Highest rankings: #17 in yandere - April 25th 2019 #7 in otome - April 25th 2019 #10 in lightnovel - April 25th 2019 In the 21st Century on Earth, a otome game (dating g...
  • anotherworld
  • rivalry
  • schoolromance
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THE LONG WAY HOME • NaLu fanfic ~ MushiSquishi 2016 by MushiSquishi
THE LONG WAY HOME • NaLu fanfic natalie
Lucy is left in shambles when she finds out some shocking news about herself. She fears the guild will not accept her fate and searches for help, for it to be held in he...
  • drama
  • nalu
  • natsu
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Demon Heart by authorcat14
Demon Heartby Geeves
The second book in the thrilling trilogy! Evabelle has now accepted the fact that she is a part of the angelic race known as the Anahalians, but it's going to take a lot...
  • angels
  • pixies
  • angelsanddemons
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Moraine Academy || The Tales Untold || by Kim_Namuu_
Moraine Academy || The Tales _ùwú_
In a world different from the mortal realm lies Celestine Alicia, a girl born with royal nobility but blessed with an unknown power. . . She is sent off to a prestigious...
  • familysecrets
  • history
  • magical
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Castle Adventures-You Can Love And Hate Me by IzzyBonBon
Castle Adventures-You Can Love Izzy Primavera
4 girls go out on adventures and end up going on the best one ever in their lives. Let us see what happens. I'm new to writing stories give me tips and tricks if ya guy...
  • ốc
  • dragons
  • mages
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Bereft: Foretold (Book Three) by rentachi
Bereft: Foretold (Book Three)by Ren Tachibana
"What a terrible price my pride reaped." Darius escaped Envy's reckoning with his life, but lost much in the process. Mortal and vulnerable, he seeks a...
  • death
  • angels
  • wattys2018
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Reader Beware by LaurenDMSmith
Reader Bewareby Lauren
Rika is a bibliophile who picked the wrong book to read. Transported to a world like the ones she's always read about, she's not happy to find herself more or less usele...
  • fate
  • fighting
  • mages
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Keepers of The Tower (Lesbian Story) by DanniNightShade
Keepers of The Tower (Lesbian Danni
Young magician Levian has the entire world believing she's just another skilled mage. While the heads of the school know her lineage, her classmates know not of her secr...
  • vampire
  • danninightshade
  • mages
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Angel From Hell |Fairy Tail Fanfic| •ZerLu by anxmelyfe
Angel From Hell |Fairy Tail ♔Fairy Tail♔
Lucy was betrayed by what she called 'family'. Now she wants them to feel the same pain, suffering and betrayal they bought her. After all revenge is to hurt someone as...
  • mage
  • heartfillia
  • nalu
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Oaths and Vows {Jaime Lannister} by antisocialflutterfly
Oaths and Vows {Jaime Lannister}by Hush Pup🙊
"Oaths and Vows and Prayers, all things said before Gods and Kings and people called our betters. They're all Just words. They're all just promises. They're all jus...
  • destiny
  • adventure
  • jaimelannister
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Princess Knight by LotsChrono
Princess Knightby LotsChrono
Having lost her parents to an unfortunate accident, which led her to live with a bastard of an uncle, Maria takes her own life out of despair. However, God pitied her an...
  • reincarnated
  • mages
  • adventure
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