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Naruto: The Best ANBU by DemonOfADiamond
Naruto: The Best ANBUby DemonOfADiamond
What if Naruto Uzumaki was smarter than he let on? What if Naruto was the smartest of his generation? What if Naruto was stronger than he seemed? What if Naruto was the...
Naruto's change life  by Miraclekitty11
Naruto's change life by Miraclekitty11
What if minato and Kushina didn't die? Will Naruto's life be better or the same or even worser than before... Naruto have a younger twin sister, Mito, she acted as a ang...
Buried in My Heart (Naruto Fanifc) by SilverGrey01
Buried in My Heart (Naruto Fanifc)by RoseGold
Previously a doctor, OC has died and been reborn in Naruto by a mysterious voice that affords her "gifts" upon her rebirth. Female OC, Hisui, will be OP, not r...
Secrets by VicMalfoy19
Secretsby Vic Uchiha-Uzumaki
Uzumaki Naruto Uchiha Sasuke They aren't what you think. Sasuke isn't that fuck you type emo who only speaks through 'hn' language. Naruto isn't the dumbest genin or t...
Tobirama's Twin   [Madara X OC] by moonwolf2506
Tobirama's Twin [Madara X OC]by moonwolf2506
What if tobirama had a twin sister? What if she was like tobirama but kinder? What if she returned home from a long mission only to encounter Madara on her way to the le...
Everyone was dead, Kaguya was winning...this isn't the plan. But what if they're given another chance in life? Follow Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura as they re-experienced th...
Rewinding The Clock by Cupcatey
Rewinding The Clockby Ah Potato
Naruto was falling. Falling in time. He didn't know where nor when he was going. He only knew it was to the past. With Kami's blessing, will he be able to change everyth...
A Different Path by diana-ily
A Different Pathby 𝔇𝔦𝔞𝔫𝔞
[ ON HOLD ] What if he chose to walk a different path? What if he chose to leave everyone and everything behind? What if he chose to run away from the...
The one thing I hate about you (Kakashi x reader) by Siya_Uchiha
The one thing I hate about you ( Siya
HAITUS As a member of the Uchiha clan,you duty is to bare a full blooded Uchiha baby to keep the clan strong and alive,that's what you father continued to tell you.So th...
◇ Fading Light ◇ {Naruto Fanfic} by aqmiao
◇ Fading Light ◇ {Naruto Fanfic}by Tan Ann Qi
Naruto was born 4 years early before the kyubi attack He was a ball of sunshine , but yet..... On the same day of his birthday, his baby twin brother and sister was born...
Shout by colourfulshadows
Shoutby shadow
Kept apart, stayed apart. That was until they collided The great Copy Cat Ninja, otherwise know as Kakashi of the Sharingan. Kagami Hatake, otherwise known as the Assa...
The Crimson Fox by mistmoon12
The Crimson Foxby mistmoon12
"Kitsune" A.K.A Naruto, the greatest leader the ANBU has ever seen, is graceful, silent, and DEADLY, disposing of his enemies in mere seconds. He has killed th...
Izuku The Water Dragon Hero (Reincarnation Of Tobirama) by NezutheRatGod
Izuku The Water Dragon Hero ( NezutheRatGod
As Tobirama closed his eyes ready to finally rest in the after life with his family, he was instead brought back to life in the far future and was reincarnated. He open...
The Black Plague by A_Tenth_Tomb_Logo
The Black Plagueby DisturbedBanana
A young child grows up killing for money. He earns the name the Black Plague for his unique fighting style. No one knew much about him. He was the first page in the bing...
The Kitsune Anbu by molung109
The Kitsune Anbuby molung109
"Why was I born when I was destined to be alone?" The ANBU captain, code-name Kitsune, is the most youngest prodigy ever. No one has seen his face, not even hi...
The Uzumaki Prodigy [Original] by ghidfwery
The Uzumaki Prodigy [Original]by Ghidfwery
Naruto was forced to grow up a lot faster then a lot of other kids. He realised that bettering himself and becoming stronger was the best path to acknowledgement from th...
LEGACY by tyasrint
LEGACYby tyasrint
This story tells how Fumiko lived her life. How the girl without a childhood had to stand tall and strong as she promised her cousin, Shisui. Highest rank #1 on Danzo, S...
The Burden of the Uchiha-Naruto×Uchiha male OC by fanficwriter_53
The Burden of the Uchiha-Naruto× Itachi Uchiha
"I have... always lied to you and asked for your forgiveness while keeping you at a distance. Because I wanted to keep you out of this. But now I think...that perha...
The young anbu (Kakashi love story) Under editing by Acero22
The young anbu (Kakashi love Acero
Akria Yanka Hozuki is a normal 12 year old right. Wrong she is anbu Capitan and the hokage right hand. She meets the new genin and a certain scarecrow. What will she do...