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The Mermaid Queen [GxG] by apwwrites
The Mermaid Queen [GxG]by apwwrites
Victoria Stone, the Queen of all mermaids, is known for being like her name, stone cold. Hearing rumors of littering by the new family on her territory, she goes to chec...
Atticus by alisha_1208
Atticusby alisha_1208
Kaia Irey just lost her father to lung cancer. She can't handle the loss so she returns to the only thing they both did every day, sailing in the cove along the coast th...
Captive of the Sea by AuthorAnon_
Captive of the Seaby Allie
Those who were taken... They never came back, dragged beneath the waves never to return. Their haunting screams were a symbol of their horrific deaths. Like shadows they...
Bedazzled | ✓ by saintc
Bedazzled | ✓by Saint Caliendo
Jeffery is sick, sea sick. After a mysterious creature from the depths saved him from drowning, Jeffery just can't seem to keep his head out of the water. Bound in lust...
Tears (mermaid au) - Levi x Eren by BladeSeeker
Tears (mermaid au) - Levi x Erenby L
Levi is determined to find a mermaid who can heal his leg, as mermaid's tears are rumored to heal any wound. When Eren gets captured by Levi and his crew, he refuses to...
I Trusted You {Cedric Diggory} by AwkwardlyMegs
I Trusted You {Cedric Diggory}by Meghan
16 year old Meghan Grant is crushing on Triwizard Champion Cedric Diggory. A school fling turns into love at first sight. Until one love has eyes for another beautiful R...
Ocean's Call | Slow Updates by piratesandmermaids
Ocean's Call | Slow Updatesby Mochi Lemons🍋
Since he was a young boy, Jeremy has had aquaphobia - a fear of water. He refused to go near it under any circumstances, despite any nagging from his friends. It's alrea...
Humans, Merfolk, and Hybrids by KadenVanciel
Humans, Merfolk, and Hybridsby Kaden Vanciel
A white-haired 11-year-old kid has been seeing strange things in the ocean. And now, he's actually meeting them. Mermaid OCs and cover image by amos19 on DeviantArt: htt...
Sea Glass by gwengreenwich
Sea Glassby g w e n
Sirena Brinn is just your average 18 year old... Well, aside from the fact that she can breath underwater. After moving back to her childhood home of Glasspoint, FL, Sir...
Saints: The Supernatural School - Year 2 (bxb) by TonyTheTigersBFF
Saints: The Supernatural Anthony
The next part in Saints: The Supernatural School series. Thomas carries a different gene then the rest of the family members because his mom is a dragon and his dad is...
Princess Luna of the Seven Seas by luna_MoonWriter
Princess Luna of the Seven Seasby luna_MoonWriter
Merpeople have long been mysterious creatures. They think of humans as bloodthirsty, terrible beings who have nothing in their heart but greed. But when Princess Luna of...
Tails (mermaid au) - Levi x Eren by BladeSeeker
Tails (mermaid au) - Levi x Erenby L
- Sequel to Tears - Levi and Eren have been together for 132 years. They have promised each other forever, but after such a long time, will forever really be possible? T...
Main by rosekat23
Main rosekat23
"Do merpeople exist?" A question asked for many generations in the human world. And Jungkook had never thought that he would live to see it answered. The news...
I Got Reincarnated Into another World :will it be bad or not? by Hitomon
I Got Reincarnated Into another Hitomon
Tooru a very boring person no freinds except for one no love life and a loner. Has a childhood freind named kuroe Both dying from an explosion. is this the end or it is...
WHAT LIES ON THE OTHER SIDE by Twice_precise24
The life Nathaniel leads is straight to the point. Simple and boring as hell. No matter where he goes he has to keep up his reputation and be how people expects him to b...
After Ice by Jinxy259
After Iceby Jinx
Shailene lives on an island in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by massive walls that keep out the water. That island contains the last of humanity, the survivors of...
Take Me Away by gutz_n_g0re
Take Me Awayby Robin
Take me away, somewhere we can be together and alone.
Kill me, My Oppas || BTS ff by Euphoria_Within
Kill me, My Oppas || BTS ffby Euphoria_Within
Book 2 of 'Forgive me, My Brothers' ~ I want to find my real parents. Who are they? Why did they leave me? "Do you feel your blood bubbling Y/N? You were sacrificed...
The Mortal God by scrabblepost
The Mortal Godby ⚡ 𝓐𝓷𝓳𝒾𝓁. ℳ⚡
God of War meets Asian Fantasy How far will you go for the one you love...? After marrying a goddess, Asvett has abandoned his sword. His wife, Pekota, is his new reason...
Human or Merman by Serena2023
Human or Mermanby Lindsey
WARNING, SPARSE UPDATES. His 18th birthday Will be remembered as the most special to him. He got a wish, a trip and secret from strangers. what happens when Percy Jackso...