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My Name Is Dan➸phan by wtfchloeidk
My Name Is Dan➸phanby ♡
phan au. - -inspired by 'transgender' and 'call me dan' - - started:september 23 2015 ended:december 10 2015
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lvr boy,   michael clifford by thinwhiteIies
lvr boy,   michael cliffordby — 𝖈𝖆𝖉𝖊𝖓
❝you're my lover boy my stay in bed under the cover boy my only you and no other boy ❞ or ares finds a home in michael. #5 in transgend...
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LGBTQ+ Memes by jazzypie_89
LGBTQ+ Memesby Jasmine
Just some amazing gay memes
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Her Mate by Another_Lipstick
Her Mateby Another Lipstick
What started off as a good life quickly came apart for Crystal the day she came out to her family that she's transgender. The small North Idaho community she lives in di...
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The Geek Type [REBOOT] by LifeInANutshelll
The Geek Type [REBOOT]by So-Called Clown
Hey y'all!! This is The Geek Type, ohshc x male reader, reboot! I do not consider Honey or Haruhi as love interests in this book! The twins will have separate endings an...
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Love Conquers All by angel48183
Love Conquers Allby angel48183
Angel Spencer is the kind of guy most girls would love to date. He is every girl's dream except for one exception. Angel was born a girl. Having gender Dysphoria, he ha...
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The Institution for Hyperactive and Colourful Boys (bxb) (polyfidelity) by ravewriter
The Institution for Hyperactive ravewriter
[This story is mxm; mature and unedited] [Contains incest] The institute is closing due to it's large amount of members. They didn't know it's go down with a bang...
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Bakugou X trans! Reader by carter_shi_no_tenshi
Bakugou X trans! Readerby ✨Lachlan✨
so this is an idea I've had for awhile I've actually never seen a book like this sooo yeah but anyway the reader is biologically a girl but wants to be a guy. Homophobic...
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He's Mine by _peculiar_person
He's Mineby oliver james
Trans!Deku's Twin Brother Reader x Katsuki Bakugou Y/N Midoriya, a seemingly quiet, put together boy. Unlike his twin brother, he actually has a quirk, and is also trans...
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LGBTQ+ Memes by Payton_Elizabeth1
LGBTQ+ Memesby Payton
All of the very best LGBTQ+ Memes out there I plan to do many of the sexual orientations, genders, and things like that. Sad stuff may pop up here in there, but you know...
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Transgender, FTM, Izuku Midoriya (Book One) by ANonBinaryWeeb
Transgender, FTM, Izuku Midoriya ( Mary Chambers
What if Izuku Midoriya, was born a girl? And from a young age, decided that he was not a she, but a he. Izuku, born with the name Asa, had Kacchan call him a he and his...
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Milo by goingallnight
Miloby goingallnight
[Demi Lovato Adoption Book] A story about little girl named Milani Rue. She's 4 and a half. She likes dinosaurs, trucks and trains. And pancakes, a lot of pancakes. Oh a...
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Oh Boy. »Joshler« by AcarAtorchAjoshler
Oh Boy. »Joshler«by Me Me Big Boy
"Gender is more than just the genitals your born with." °° In which Tyler gets kicked out for coming out as transgender and his loving best friend Josh is the...
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Sinners (BTS) by TheHolyJinity
Sinners (BTS)by 죽음
Yoongi is a boy. His birth-name and biological sex mean nothing. He knows who he is, and that's a boy. Unfortunately, stuck with two strictly religious, close-minded and...
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You Know You Love Me by Candy_monster101
You Know You Love Meby Chocolate_Cakee
A small trans bakugo x kirishima story requested by my bf @Zackncheese
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Beneath Your Beauty (Vmin) by Vlovers19
Beneath Your Beauty (Vmin)by Vlovers19
Ten years ago, Jimin formerly a woman Jessica got dumped by her boyfriend Taehyung after exposing her sexuality unaware that she's pregnant. Now living as a man, Jimin i...
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Transgender AU (TomTord) FanFiction by TrashCan200
Transgender AU (TomTord) FanFictionby Queen of Cringe
Trans! Tord Tord is Trans. This is just AU. I just wanna do, Nothing bad. Mostly fluff..Alot. I don't like hate or critism. Warning: A little bit Transphobic Cursing Al...
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courage - a trans girl link fic by archivedalli
courage - a trans girl link ficby archivedalli
this is a sort of modern au legend of zelda fic - I hope you enjoy it!! (I SOMETIMES WRITE SHORT CHAPTERS IM SORRY) the cover was made for me by my friend @patrickjacobb...
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|: Cigarettes and Candy :| Carlisle Cullen Fanfiction  by greenmoths
|: Cigarettes and Candy :| greenmoths
Forks seemed quiet and peaceful, the best place to live and stay out of trouble. Yet, all the town brought Declan was trouble. The town is full of the ordinary, the extr...
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