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High School Dxd: Dawn of the Universe Dragon God by SwitchBlad
High School Dxd: Dawn of the SwitchBlad
"What would you do? If you were born to unite fate and destiny?" The entire world seems to be In a good state of serenity, actually, there is more going on in...
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High School DxD: Rise of the Solar God by WarriorMan199456
High School DxD: Rise of the WarriorMan199456
AU. Every hero has a beginning. The path of a hero is forever determined by the events he is placed in. In this Universe, the life and destiny of Issei Hyoudou is deter...
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The Ultimate Yōkai Guide by sandydragon1
The Ultimate Yōkai Guideby sandydragon1
This guide contains information about yōkai from Japanese folklore along with examples from various media.
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Naruto Uzumaki the grandchild of the Moon and Hearth by Izukun14all
Naruto Uzumaki the grandchild of Izuku Midoriya
The Goddesses Artemis and Hestia have to tell their brother/father of their Children in the world of the Shinto the fathers was two Demigods one of Ameratsu named Ryujin...
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Bách Quỷ Dạ Hành 百鬼夜行 by thuythuongtieuhuu
Bách Quỷ Dạ Hành 百鬼夜行by Thủy Thượng Tiểu Hựu
- Đây là album về thần thánh và yêu ma trong Thần Đạo Shinto của Nhật Bản Bài mình sưu tầm từ bạn Quạ ( - Hình có thể có bản quyền nha...
naruto chaos and amaterasu son by juubi-mage0327
naruto chaos and amaterasu sonby juubi-mage0327
summery inside
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Naruto DXD [Shinto] by Zack_Kitsune
Naruto DXD [Shinto]by ザック キツネ
Yo les prometi un Naruto DXD y aqui esta su Naruto DXD
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Mirror, mirror. [Naruto] [Itachi Uchiha] (Complete)  by LeDahliaNoir
Mirror, mirror. [Naruto] [Itachi LeDahliaNoir
Myths and legends are passed down through history, some lost, others carved into the hearts of generations that listened to the tales countless times. Reina was o...
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Shinto Chronicles by CrazyCartoonNut
Shinto Chroniclesby Penelope Pitstop Monk
Shinto is an ex-invader from the Irken empire. He's a known assasin and psychopath but he wasn't always the way he is...
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Noragami & the moon god by Brandyparty
Noragami & the moon godby Brandyparty
Yukine, Yato and the gang meet a strange god who is imprisoned. What has happened to him? Is he at fault? How could phantoms appear in Takamagahara? Yukine makes a new f...
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The Nameless Sword-Saint by takeshi_yamada
The Nameless Sword-Saintby Takeshi Yamada
A man with skin as pale as snow and no memory must navigate a turbulent, feudal world ruled by ruthless daimyō in an attempt to discover the truth of his past and determ...
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Wolf and Fox by ChrisAlex88
Wolf and Foxby Scarlet
The universe was dying. It was part of nature, of the eventual cycle of rebirth the universe followed. Yet, some people couldn't accept the end. This, were the Gods, wh...
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(Short Stories From) The Lord of Lies by Lil_Lithium
(Short Stories From) The Lord of Lil' Lithium
What do you do for the next few thousand years when you're banished from Asgard? Well Loki's had to find that out for himself. Join him through his journey as he takes o...
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Warriors Of Western Lands by MaxeneSesshomaru
Warriors Of Western Landsby Andrea Maxene Gonzaga
Isumaru & Risamaru - children of Sesshomaru and Shizuru Miziki & Mizaki - twin daughters of Inuyasha and Kagome These unlikely cousins treat each other as siblings. As e...
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The Snow Goddess by Sakuracherryrose
The Snow Goddessby Stephanie
Yuki lived the perfect life of a god. She was beautiful, talented in the art of creating crystal and beauty with ice and had everything she could want. Until one day the...
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Yujin by Micah-chan
Yujinby Micah-chan
What do you do when your all alone in the dark and the demons come... In your life when all is lost who is there to help you in your deepest darkest times this is a stor...
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Sanctuary by Lil_Lithium
Sanctuaryby Lil' Lithium
"Morning star-stuff. It's seven o'clock and you're listening to Sanctuary Radio." Lillie has never felt at home within the looming caverns of Sanctuary 63. The...
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A Shinto Wedding in Osaka by JudithW
A Shinto Wedding in Osakaby Judith Works
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Millennium War: World Clash by Jakaehomen
Millennium War: World Clashby Josh Akaehomen
"We all, be we an Olympian or Asgardian or Shintō Deity, reside here together, as we have for many, many years. However, just like with you humans, coexistence lead...
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The Great Prairie Dog Caper by LibbyDoyle9
The Great Prairie Dog Caperby Libby Doyle
While stationed in Japan, an officer in the U.S. Navy honors his wife's memory and his daughter's irrepressible spirit with a wacky scheme to liberate some caged prairie...
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