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The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir by NotSoEvilMastermind
The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug an...by cait
MIRACULOUS SIMPLY THE BEST UP TO THE- okay I'll stop. But I love this show, and I wanna write my OWN one-shot book! SQUEALS! Enjoy the ride of Adrienette, MariChat, Lady...
  • marinette
  • oneshots
  • marinettedupaincheng
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Jonahs not so Little Sister//Why Don't We fanfic by mandawdw
Jonahs not so Little Sister//Why D...by mandawdw
*FIRST BOOK IN THE SERIES* Zoey Marais is a youtuber and instagram model. And yes, she is Jonah Marais's little sister. They move out to LA for a band Jonah is a part of...
  • cute
  • zachherron
  • jackaverymusic
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Dramione - Hate Is A Strong Word by Fangirl-And-Proud
Dramione - Hate Is A Strong Wordby Charlotte
The war is over. Everyone has to retake the previous year at Hogwarts. Hermione Granger is made Head Girl and Draco Malfoy is made Head Boy. Tensions rise between the tw...
  • completed
  • ship
  • hogwarts
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The new kid~||ChanBaek|| by ChanbaekBiased
The new kid~||ChanBaek||by EXHOE BIASED BITCH
Baekhyun is a smart. innocent kid or what people call nerd. He moves schools because of the constant bullying. Park Chanyeol is a popular bad boy. What would happen if i...
  • hunhan
  • maybesmut
  • kaisoo
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Friendly Neighbourhood Peter Parker (Spideychelle) by anorak616
Friendly Neighbourhood Peter Parke...by Anorak616
After the events of Spider Man Homecoming, Peter is left down and disappointed with Liz having to leave to Oregon. But, things seemingly look up when Peter arrives home...
  • student
  • michellexpeter
  • superhero
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Starco by TheBondingMoment
Starcoby :)
The end of the year dance is coming up, and Marco has his eyes on Jackie, but when things go wrong, and something happens to Star, Marco must figure out how to save his...
  • starco
  • safekid
  • read
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Fucking Hormones Man! [Kumine;SMUT] by MoonCheese-CAKE
Fucking Hormones Man! [Kumine;SMUT]by MoonCheese-CAKE
A collection of Lumine X Kody one shots, exclusively smuts.
  • gay
  • fanart
  • kody
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BTS OTP One-shots  by kryz_tal_mae
BTS OTP One-shots by Kryztal Pasco
BTS ships/OTP one shots. NamJin VKook VMin YoonMin VHope Etc . . Warning: boyxboy NO TO HOMOPHOBIA!!! VOTE AND COMMENT OPEN FOR REQUESTS...
  • boyxboy
  • vhope
  • boygroup
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Fierrochase Stuff Book 1 by cherrypoohbear
Fierrochase Stuff Book 1by changing.
Want to read my more recent stuff? I have a part 2! // Basically a (near) bottomless pit of fierrochase · dank memes, fluff and headcanons · Highest Rank: #367 in fanfic...
  • fanfiction
  • otp
  • magnuschase
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baby ::muke by genderfluidmikey
baby ::mukeby sunflower emoji
luke may look heartless but he sure does love his baby. fem/girly!mikey punk!luke
  • clemmings
  • michael
  • luke
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Safe by RamblingStark
Safeby RamblingStark
When the young and brilliant engineer, Fiddleford H. McGucket gets attacked by a terrifying creature while doing work with his friend, Ford starts to fear for the future...
  • gravityfalls
  • lgbt
  • oldmanmcgucket
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Dear The World. The Dairies Of Hetalia by AngelicaWilson250
Dear The World. The Dairies Of Het...by Angelica Wilson
when the world gives you pain, what do you do? you write. this is the story of the nations and their true feelings and thoughts. Also I don't own hetalia.
  • sadness
  • anime
  • sealand
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Fifth Harmony Imagines ✖5H/you✖ by chaZyingcars
Fifth Harmony Imagines ✖5H/you✖by FIFTHGRANDE_BELLO
❤ Collection of Fifth Harmony imagines & preferences.❤
  • norminah
  • imagines
  • laurinah
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Something Great by RamblingStark
Something Greatby RamblingStark
Ah, such a cheesy title :') I'm not good with descriptions or summaries but all you need to know is it's a young!Fiddauthor fanfic starting off with how they met. This w...
  • fiddlefordmcgucket
  • fordpines
  • shipfic
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|| Harry Potter Characters || Reacting to Harry Potter Ships by -Hermione_Snape
|| Harry Potter Characters || Reac...by Hermione Snape
Simple. Readers Request Ships, and Characters react to each requested Ship. cover: ©-Hermione_Snape
  • ships
  • harrypotter
  • characters
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sᴛᴀʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍᴇ || sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs sʜɪᴘs by jikseu_luv
sᴛᴀʏ ᴡɪᴛʜ ᴍᴇ || sᴛʀᴀʏ ᴋɪᴅs sʜɪᴘsby yeehaw bishhh
Warning: The following chapters will contain: ○fluff ○softness ○more fluff --- Requests are allowed so feel free to dm me ~
  • yangjeongin
  • jisung
  • hyunjin
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 Wolfstar One Shots (Remus Lupin x Sirius Black)  by sobbingoverfiction
Wolfstar One Shots (Remus Lupin x...by Peyton
I love this ship so much and my followers on my IG wanted me to make this so I am delivering. You guys can request stuff if you want. WARNING: There is like a lot of d...
  • remuslupin
  • depression
  • romance
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{Canceled} Science, Friendship, Ghosts And....Romance? by RamblingStark
{Canceled} Science, Friendship, Gh...by RamblingStark
Stanford Pines was reluctant when it came to socializing with his fellow students at Backupsmore University, that is until he met Fiddleford Hadron McGucket, a man with...
  • fiddauthor
  • oldmanmcgucket
  • grunkleford
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Crazy In Love With You (HAMLIZA) by LittleHamiltonElams
Crazy In Love With You (HAMLIZA)by HamiltonIsEverything<3
Alexander Hamilton's father never really did like him. But he never knew he'd go this far. His father puts him into a mental asylum against his will, he's not crazy. But...
  • hamilton
  • romance
  • otp
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Danganronpa - One Shots by DoubleDodd
Danganronpa - One Shotsby Aria
Just short drabbles about ships and characters from the Danganronpa series. I hope you enjoy =)
  • naezono
  • sdr2
  • ships
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