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Giyushino The Little Mermaid  by YourVibesmyDude
Giyushino The Little Mermaid by YourVibesmyDude
Honestly, this is just cause I want a giyushino story with a complete different setting and I made art. Might be a little out-of-character cause I'm adding the little me...
Ursul X Reader by MeadowSchmitz
Ursul X Readerby TheNightLightGoddess
Anyone who is under age 12 should not read this.
🌊The Under The Sea Prince: Princess Y/n and Prince Of The Sea🌊 by AshleyGryffindor
🌊The Under The Sea Prince: AshleyGryffindor
Y/n is the sister of Prince Eric celebrating her birthday together on their royal boat. Her kingdom wants the royal siblings to marry, to be happily settled down with th...
~ A Sister Tail~ by JaninneSudjatmiko
~ A Sister Tail~by Janinne Sudjatmiko
As Ariel and Eric celebrate the birth of Harmony and Melody, twin sisters who were born of land and Sea, Morgana, the wicked, evil younger sister of Ursula , kidnaps one...
Sea love (male ariel x reader) by briannacountry
Sea love (male ariel x reader)by Horsecountry14
Y/n and Arron have been friends ever since he found her roaming around when he was ten and she was nine. Now that he's sixteen and she's fifteen, Arrons twin sister Arie...
Big Hero Disney (Tadashi x Reader One Shots) by RioftheSouthernIsles
Big Hero Disney (Tadashi x Mariah • Queen of BH6
"If you can dream it, you can do it!" -Walt Disney Everyone has dreamt of a happily ever after. And I'm sure you've dreamt of Tadashi being your prince. Now, i...
Disney But Gayer by thegaygrimreaper
Disney But Gayerby Ashton aka Death
This is a series of Disney movie rewrites that I'm writing along with my associate, who does not have a Wattpad. The rewrites are to make the movies gay (mlm), more logi...
Your World ( Ariel X Ursula's Son )  by GodessOfCreation
Your World ( Ariel X Ursula's GOC
A Disney Princess Fanfiction . Ursula convinces Ariel to sign a contract that would ultimately ruin the peace-loving haven King Triton has created for merfolk . Ursula...
Part Of Your World by just-dreaming-marvel
Part Of Your Worldby just-dreaming-marvel
You are a mermaid princess, forbidden from ever breaching the water's surface. But when you save a human's life, everything changes. You long to know more of the world a...
Princess by blubellee
Princessby Maiya
Ariel Waters had a pretty normal life for a 17 year old girl. She lived with her mom, dad and 18 year old brother Eric. Having a brother one year older than you obviou...
The little Mermaid and her prince by Celebgirl224
The little Mermaid and her princeby alexandria Smith
This story is about how Ariel and Eric live their lives after the movie. This includes their honeymoon, and how they have children. This book is not appropriate for chil...
The Little Mermaid (Mermaid! Haruka Nanase X Reader) by Magster927
The Little Mermaid (Mermaid! Princess Magster
Storms bring love. Sacrifices make friendships. Anything would come in the way of love. And that all started with a little mermaid. A/N: Requeseted by @Lady_Saki01
The Little Mermaid by airbenderwrites
The Little Mermaidby Airbender
Katara loves the human world more than any other merperson that lives under the sea. All she wants to do is explore the world above her. She gets her chance when she mak...
The Little Mermaid (Male! Ariel x Reader) by -TheLittleWriter-
The Little Mermaid (Male! Ariel The Little Writer
I'll tell you a tale of the bottomless sea, and it's hay to the starboard, heave-ho. Lookout lass, a merman be waiting for you. In mysterious fathoms below... -This is...
Giving Fantasia: The Taking Fantasia Sequel by sultal
Giving Fantasia: The Taking sultal
Four broken lives. Two different countries. One king. Evil everywhere. The sequel to Taking Fantasia, and the return of Ariel Triton, Peter Pan, Wendy Darling, and Jim H...
inconspicuous || edmund pevensie by prettylittleirishboy
inconspicuous || edmund pevensieby -ˏˋ kate ˎˊ-
"you know, when you said you could sing, i just assumed you'd be bloody terrible. ever the surprise, o'callaghan." [book 3 | can be read as standalone] ✳︎ she'...
A Mermaid's Pirate by djwerewolf666
A Mermaid's Pirateby WerewolfDJ
Queen Athena, wife to King Triton, was captured by pirates making sure her eldest daughter was able to get away. However she was rescued by another pirate, this one nice...
Taking Fantasia : A Disney Fanfiction by sultal
Taking Fantasia : A Disney sultal
A school in a land called Fantasia featuring Wendy, Peter, Jim, Ariel and TONS of Disney characters. When the Wishing Star breaks, Headmaster Mickey pulls out The Magic...
Things You Didn't Know About Disney by AangTheAvatar
Things You Didn't Know About Disneyby Aang
These are just some random facts about the company Disney. This does include Disney/Pixar and live action Disney films. {Completed}
Dancing On Ice by RenaFreefall
Dancing On Iceby Rena Freefall
#47 in Fantasy ~ All Aeralie wants to do is touch the sky. Instead, all she can do is watch the land - watch and feed her fascination with the humans A...