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3069 days by Ackermanloveylle
3069 daysby Ackermanloveylle
<based on a movie> eren yeager had a rough discussion with his dad. he ended up leaving the house crying, grisha didn't go after him and decided to talk to eren wh...
The Difference Between You And Me by Kagenoshojo
The Difference Between You And Meby Kagenoshojo
A monster will only ever be a monster. Eren believed that whole heartedly. The thing is, does the monster have to be alone? Eren was born a titan, from a titan, but reje...
I guess I love you | Eren X Levi by idontwriteanymore_
I guess I love you | Eren X Leviby idontwriteanymore_
Eren x Levi Sounds like your regular ereri fanfiction set in a typical highschool world, right? That may be true but Eren hates Levi Ackerman and once they unexpectedly...
If I Had You (ERERI) {18+} by Wolkun
If I Had You (ERERI) {18+}by Wolkun
Yeet another book. Fun.
Young Love by TruthNotSpoken
Young Loveby Ren
Levi Ackerman is a thirty year old Earl of the Kingdom of Maria. He's stoic, cold, and bitter on the outside and everyone outside of his small group of friends believes...
We're Brothers. by LevixErenKitty
We're Brothers.by LevixErenKitty
With a mixed family, Eren Yeager and Levi Ackerman must now live together. The marriage of Kenny Ackerman (Levi's uncle) and Carla Yeager (Eren's mother). Things are dif...
The king's Omega by Human_weeb_trash
The king's Omegaby ‌
Eren is a 17 Omega who is looking for his mate. He lives with his abusive father and adoptive sister. Erens father Grisha allows Mikasa (his adoptive sister) to rape him...
Ereri lemons and one-shots by lukebryangirl555
Ereri lemons and one-shotsby Gladiolover55❤
This fanfic is going to be Levi x Eren one-shots.
The New Teacher by kawen14
The New Teacherby ig||yaoismex
I really wasn't looking forward to having another teacher since I knew I would be the one to get picked on and guess what? It did happen.
Criminal Elegance [Ereri/Riren AU] by Kaleidoscope_Keys
Criminal Elegance [Ereri/Riren AU]by Jex
Secret Agent vs. Criminal Genius The year is 1946. Levi Ackerman works for a secret government agency created after WW2 to kept the worst of American criminals off the s...
Mates.. by jocytherat
Mates..by jocy
something im making out of boredom-
Crimson Rose {Ereri/Riren} #Wattys2016 by mintymingyu
Crimson Rose {Ereri/Riren} #Wattys...by n
|COMPLETED| *A Vampire!Eren x Levi FanFiction* A unique rose that wilts, unless the love behind it fades. * * * Note: I do not own any of the characters from Attack on T...
A Little Bundle of Drama by chenziee_katie
A Little Bundle of Dramaby chenziee_katie
Eren is pregnant and that's honestly not a very good thing. (cover art by peachylevi.tumblr.com)
My new bratty partner  (Levi x Eren, Erwin x Levi)  by animeislife1011
My new bratty partner (Levi x Ere...by Secret
Going undercover to bust a powerful Mafia boss things went downhill four years ago, his wife who was also his partner at work was killed, after that he felt lifeless. On...
Levi x Eren by TheDarkAngel616
Levi x Erenby TheDarkAngel616
This fanfic follows the story of Eren and Levi. Eren had always had a crush on Levi but kept it to himself, but the truth is let out and he did not expect what happened...
Just a Simple Hello - Ereri by Tychez
Just a Simple Hello - Ereriby Shadow
I'm very bad at descriptions. You know the drill, Ereri, AOT/SNK fanfic. Enjoy :)
ONE Ⴆყ ONE by Orquidiea_Writer
ONE Ⴆყ ONEby Orquidiea_Writer
Levi had lost everything he loved. When he meets Eren, he'll be damned if it happens again. No matter if it is torcher, murder, or kidnapping-Levi will have his Eren by...
The GangLeaders Pup ~Re-written~ by _KawaiiEren_
The GangLeaders Pup ~Re-written~by ♡Eren♡
~Re-written~ ~I do not own any Aot characters or certain Oc's that were provided to me~ Finally escaping the abuse of his father after ten years, Eren finds himself outs...
Sugar On Top//ERENxLEVI [smut] by welpx4
Sugar On Top//ERENxLEVI [smut]by K
[SUGAR DADDY!LEVI] - Eren was poor, let's just leave it at that. He really had nothing and no one except Mikasa and Armin to get him through his rough patches. Levi, on...
🤍 The Creation of a Bartenders Heart 🤍 by Hoe_Why_I_Stil_Alive
🤍 The Creation of a Bartenders He...by ♡ 𝙸𝚛𝚒𝚗𝚊 ♡
"Can I help you?" Eren snapped, raising a brow. The man in front of him gave him a lopsided smirk, "Feisty. I like that." Eren rolled his eyes, sippi...