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The One-Hundred | 2015 Watty Award Winner by renesmeewolfe
The One-Hundred | 2015 Watty K. Weikel
All human babies are killed beneath the waves, with one exception--the one hundred thousandth is spared. Among them, there are those chosen by the moon or sea, an ancie...
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FLOOD [Pokémon] by kimcgray95
FLOOD [Pokémon]by Kimiko
After making a dangerous catch in the waters of Slateport City's Water Safari Zone, high school sophomore Darwin Blakesley stands at the threshold of a brand new world...
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A Broken Fin-In Recovery & Rehabilitation by LoopHole150
A Broken Fin-In Recovery & Loop Hole
A mermaid AU BNHA Midoriya the mermaid lives in the ocean by the second largest aquarium and marine biology center in the world. credit to all artists, I do not own. BNA...
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MERMAN STILES by Primordial-Miky9
MERMAN STILESby Primordial- Miky9
Genim Stilinski better know as Stiles Stilinski the son of the Sheriff of Beacon hills. The Pack, some hunters thought that Stiles was the human of the McCall Pack, but...
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Mermaid Magic (BWWM)  by Queen_AngelAce
Mermaid Magic (BWWM) by Angel Ace
Suddenly, something bumped into the pod. I looked at the girls. "What was that?" I asked, nervously. Suddenly another bump happened. Then another. Then another...
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The Mermaid Queen [GxG] by apwwrites
The Mermaid Queen [GxG]by apwwrites
Victoria Stone, the Queen of all mermaids, is known for being like her name, stone cold. Hearing rumors of littering by the new family on her territory, she goes to chec...
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Coral and Bone || Book One by TiffanyDaune
Coral and Bone || Book Oneby Tiffany Daune
Watty Award Winner COMPLETED ~ She tried to tame the sparks that drove her to destroy things. Halen's fought her whole life to hide her secret. But when she returns to t...
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Ocean Breeze (Merformers) by Harmony_205
Ocean Breeze (Merformers)by -an insomniac
"Toast is the love of my life!" - You (You'll understand later) ... Y/n is a new employee in the TFMER Ocean Help Center. A facility that protects and takes ca...
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Black Sea (the Volturi kings) by CrystalReaderChan
Black Sea (the Volturi kings)by CrystalReaderChan
For centuries the Volturi kings had ruled with their iron fists, hunting down law breakers and shifters alike. They had believed shifters and vampires to be the only sup...
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Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Roleplay by foolandlyre
Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Roleplayby s k a l d
skyrim, a land of pure-blood nords and the betrayed falmer race. a home to stormcloaks and a threat to the empire. but the events are not all so great. live your life as...
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Saints: The Supernatural School (bxb) by reddog34
Saints: The Supernatural School ( Anthony
Thomas is a teen that got invited to go to a private school for the supernatural. Being 16 and bein a tribrid it's hard. Also whenever you gay as well. Supernatural scho...
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The Ocean's Lost Merman by meet_hayley
The Ocean's Lost Mermanby QUEEN HAYLEY
"I fled my kingdom when I saw you that night." Xander spoke as he traced the side of my face with his finger. "How did you even find me?" I asked, m...
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Cursed Sails by GoodAngel7
Cursed Sailsby Goodness Angel
Agatha is a 15 year old girl who loves to read. She lives with her father who became enstranged after the mysterious disapppearance of her mother. One day, she finds a s...
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Down to the Riptide | PJO/Mako Mermaids  by -ThatDamAuthor-
Down to the Riptide | PJO/Mako ArinaM
After using his blood-bending powers in a bout of rage in front of the demigods, Percy runs away in shame. Well, more like swims. With the help of Poseidon and some new...
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Warriors of Fate by IndPhoenixGrimm
Warriors of Fateby IndPhoenixGrimm
Third book in the Creatures of Fate Chronicles.
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Supernatural stiles oneshots by Justbandtrash
Supernatural stiles oneshotsby Lucky people
Stiles is supernatural and it's one chapter events. Sometimes it's a different way events played out or sometimes it's my own story. Taking requests
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Between the Lines there Lies a Story of Me by RsRain
Between the Lines there Lies a R.S. Rain
Reviews: 5 stars! Reviewed By Christian Sia for Readers' Favorite No one needs to love poetry to appreciate this wonderful collection of poems. Between The Lines There L...
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Smoke and Ruin || Book Three by TiffanyDaune
Smoke and Ruin || Book Threeby Tiffany Daune
COMPLETED ~ Darkness is Calling Torn from the one's she loves Halen must find the strength to survive while protecting the water stone. But as the siren hunters near and...
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The Siren's Call by Aegirgodofthesea
The Siren's Callby Goddessofthewild
A girl moves to Alaska to take care of her late grandfather's business and attend college. You know what I can't, just look at the tags. I'm sorry, I'm bad at descriptio...
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bubble // jin ling x sizhui x jingyi  by satsumamist
bubble // jin ling x sizhui x jus d’orange
the clear blue waters of gusu beckon all, but no one dares to go past the point of no return. legend has it, beneath the sparkling current dwells a monster so fierce on...
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