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[Abandoned] Forgotten Memories by Kalizco
[Abandoned] Forgotten Memoriesby Kalizco
When Harry enters the chambers of secrets Severus finds out that someone had altered his memories. Sveritus/sevitus | JP/SS | Drarry | Slytherin!Harry | MPreg | Creature...
  • creature
  • james
  • severitus
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Dusk Falls (A Harry Potter Fanfic) by Senka1313
Dusk Falls (A Harry Potter Fanfic)by Senka
Abused and beaten, Harry comes into a surprise inheritance and his world is changed forever. He finds out that Dumbledore is using him for his fame and fortune, the war...
  • fanfiction
  • yaoi
  • tomarry
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In Your Arms by DoctorRockhard
In Your Armsby DoctorRockhard
#1 in paranormalromance 02/06/19 #1 in aliens 02/27/2019 **COMPLETED** Thank you for the reads, if you like my story please consider leaving a star :') { "What are...
  • scifi
  • teratophilia
  • monsterboyfriend
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adHP: Ready As I'll Ever Be by Pike-NinjaAssassin
adHP: Ready As I'll Ever Beby Pike is life
Harry thought he had it all figured out. He had won the war. He had defeated the Dark Lord, fulfilled the prophecy, just like he was supposed to. But they hadn't counted...
  • harrypotter
  • goodvoldemortmaybe
  • creature
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Here For You by Stitch_Toothless
Here For Youby @slytherin_drarry_lover
Harry Potter did not live a normal life. He was abused by the relatives and told that his parents, Lily and James Potter, were dead. He had no other family, and he never...
  • fanfiction
  • lightbashing
  • abusedharry
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Harry Potter and the Inheritance of  Money and Creature by Snarryfan87
Harry Potter and the Inheritance Snarryfan87
I have been reading Harry Potter creature and Harry Potter with different parents I like a story called pitch black or not complete story by clorol1691 So I decided to...
  • james
  • teacherxstudent
  • creature
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triplets//drarry by jacketslut1
triplets//drarryby \(·_·)/
This story is only here because I have writers block mkay; it's not even close to being acceptable just ignore it for now Short story no set chapter length
  • creature
  • dumbledore
  • mustbeaweasley
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To Love a Succubus by TheLustDoctor
To Love a Succubusby The Lust Doctor
Please note that I intended to make the succubus in this book different from how the actual creature is. Also, do NOT read this book if you are sensitive to graphic sex...
  • monster
  • paranormal
  • love
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The Beast of Rose Castle by Demmie_Lei
The Beast of Rose Castleby Demmie
"He was a beast by all standards, a horrific sight to behold." The town of Vell knows fully well the monster that lurks within the halls of Rose Castle. Th...
  • 2017eaawards
  • horror
  • secrets
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Infectious Intent (M. Yandere x F. Reader) by Cloakedranger
Infectious Intent (M. Yandere x Cloakedranger
The Readers Choice Awards 2018 Winner - General Fiction Genre Cankerfell Tunnels, a place where people travel to gain fame and wealth, yet every single individual who go...
  • yanderexreader
  • investigator
  • tunnels
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Yandere Creature/Monster/Cryptids/Character one shots. Art is not mine! by CattyBree
Yandere Creature/Monster/ Mystic Wolf
You can ask for one shots about creatures or certain characters you like. And remember that this will get very gory at times. If that is not your cup of tea then you don...
  • gore
  • monsters
  • yandere
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The Emerald Rose {Harry Potter} by Roxy_NaLu
The Emerald Rose {Harry Potter}by Roxy
Harry James Potter. The saviour of the wizard world. A baby prodigy who killed the Dark Lord at merely one year old. The boy who lived, the golden boy... nicknames with...
  • contract
  • dark
  • heir
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Why the Caged Siren Sings (manxboy) by ABGrace2
Why the Caged Siren Sings (manxboy)by A.B.
Humans know nothing about the truth of sirens. We are not a form of your fantasy of "Mermaids", we live on land, on islands away from people, in fear that hum...
  • kidnapping
  • bxb
  • kidnapped
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Three Eleven Thirteen by PaperMars
Three Eleven Thirteenby This profile kills me
February 19th, 2018 He is test subject Three-eleven-thirteen. Ellie for short. He's human. Remarkable. He can breathe freely, no tubes. His heart has adapted to beating...
  • creature
  • creation
  • romance
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Beast (PJM FF) by pjz_nim
Beast (PJM FF)by 👑pjz
The city girl Kim Aera meets the innocent feral boy, Jimin. -pjz Special Note: Inspired from the film "A werewolf boy" and from the anime "Tonari no Kaib...
  • taehyung
  • tonarinokaibutsukun
  • tarzan
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Inheritance by StyxHuntress
Inheritanceby Styx
Harry Potter thought his life was over. Having been beaten to almost an inch of his life many times, he receives an early inheritance, and discovers he's not who he's su...
  • bellatrixlestrange
  • sub
  • creature
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STRANGE // hs by pimpingstyles
STRANGE // hsby pimpingstyles
[Mature Content] Stuck with knowing the emotions of everyone she ever met, Emilia is brought under the wing of one of her professors in her last year of university. She...
  • abilities
  • comedy
  • direction
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From freak to Harry Snape  by suzslytherin
From freak to Harry Snape by suzslytherin
This story is of how an unloved Harry finds a parent and some mates who love him very much
  • mates
  • creature
  • weasleys
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Creature/Monsters/Characters: Fuck, Befriend, Run (Complete) by Azureman136
Creature/Monsters/Characters: Azureman136
Alright, you all probably know what to do, I put up a creature/monster, and you say weather or not you would, have 'fun' with them, run from them, or make a very unique...
  • smashorpass
  • teratophilia
  • gamemonsters
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Apartment 239 by elfordalley
Apartment 239by elfordalley
Welcome to Marble Springs, a small town of missing people and monsters. After Abe Barrett begins seeing visions of the dead, he soon uncovers the sinister forces behind...
  • paranormal
  • ghosts
  • spooky
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